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Great Might


Glory Message for June 5, 2014 inspired by the Frankincense, Ruach & Digits of Three

Day 24 - Sum 320

A fountain of wisdom, symbolic of the Sabbath day and times.  Some stay at home, others go to the tent of meeting outside.  The wise are immersed within the tabernacle of their minds.  Yehovah rewards all who keep the commandments this way.  The Door is as the container for all, that’s put into our hearts this day.  

Bonding with Him we find completeness through repentance of sin - given by your hope and faith dear friend.  This allows the righteous ones to shine as the stars in the sky, surrounded as heaven delights, there’s no basket that can cover the brightness that comes from atop this mountain, the thoughts within the mind.

Life everlasting found in that resurrection light is as a freshly planted field with the sowers bags carried with great might.  A Blessing is good when seedlings are sown in the early morning light.  The mysteries laid down, scattered along The Way, rids the poverty provided by the serpent, that snake that eats dust everyday.  

Ten utterances, Yehovah’s DNA, are breathed into your temple, Yea. the Kingdom of God is revealed in this way.  Those words of Exodus, written upon your heart, the mysteries have been concealed since the very start.  The Bride is made complete by the words His prophets have revealed along The Way, those mysteries spoken of, planted in the fields this day.

Lift your arms to Heaven, giving thanks for all things this day.

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