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A Stone on a Winters Night


Knowledge Message for November 13, 2013 inspired from Jeremiah 38 & 39

Do ye go forth to the mire in the pit?  Should the just and chosen and treated in this way?  Thank G-d for men that would rescue the trumpeters from what was done unto them by those that they came to share the truth and words of The Lord with.  If not known a prophet of G-d was speaking would they have acted differently?  Were the actions of the King rewarded by the blindness of his eyes and the death of those he brought forth?  Perhaps other evil in the hearts of men, those hardened hearts, that know not how to listen for the flesh upon their ears make them deaf and dumb.  For they are in the world and the world does make them do the things they do, for the whole world is asleep and deceived at the end of the age.  The WHOLE of those invited to the beloved feast, were caught up in the cares of this world and not wanting to hear the truth that they would cast those trumpeting the message into the mire of the pit.  Woe, to those of the world who are asleep for they receive not the trumpet in the night with gladness.

Let your eyes not be burned out and blinded.  Let not you heart be cold as a stone on a winters night.  Buy salve for your eyes that you may see.  Buy oil for your lamp that you will have enough light to find the door at the end of the narrow path.  Make yourself ready for the bridegroom, for His procession unto the feast is coming soon.  Awake! Arise for the Bridegroom is Coming!

Even a blindman in his darkness can hear the music and turn towards a sense of the light.

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