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Ambassadors in Chains


Knowledge Message for October 26, 2013, inspired from Ecclesiastes 9

A softly billowing upon a far mountain.  A clash of thunder from hills far away.  An echo through the valley do yelps of the righteousness come forth.  The dogs now run and play in the fields, leaving that with which was consumed so that the mystery of these words would only be understood by the wise for the foolish will see them not.  But what is it when one gets understanding and the other not?  Is not all freely given?  All is freely given to those that work the press.  Yea, for they work with the fruit to make the wine.  For likened to The Lord, they do labor and wait upon the sweet savor until the appointed time has come.

Let the high mountains be the first to receive the rain for the clouds sit round about them.  With thunder, those in the valley hear the coming storm but none of them smell the piercing scent as it pounds the ground with great fury.  The sound of the rushing waters racing down the high places does cleanse the dark crevasses in the rocks as they nurture the evergreen trees.  This is the cycle of life for those that believe.  The ant may curse the rain and labor long and hard after it, but without the rain the little ones would parish.

Let us seek his face and mercy to make the ready of things yet to come.  Yea, giving thanks in the name of Yeshua that the hope of glory will come.  Please Oh Lord be a light unto our path that favor would come and deliver us in the evil day.  Let the stone that was rejected be used to sharpen our two edged swords that we may wield them and cut deep the flesh, yea, even unto and through the bone.  Strengthen us that we may be found worthy to wade in the depths of the blood having Righteous Rage as a Conquering King in the Valley of Megiddo.   Now and Forever More so the great city, the New Ir ha-Kodesh, will be made manifest unto those ambassadors in chains that make known the Mysteries of the Kingdom of Heaven.

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