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Building Blocks


Knowledge Message for April 2, 2014 inspired from the heart

It’s been a short while now since we set out along The Way to rebuild the Temple of YHVH.  We began by cleansing the Temple with water.  Moving forward toward reducing the things we drink to include only water.  I hope you have been successful in moving in that direction without becoming religious about it.  Realize that by drinking only water, we give our body what it is mostly made from.  Not drinking down pounds of sugar each week will allow the body to heal itself and begin to function outside the influences of this world.

The second stone set was to not eat FAST FOOD.  It is full of profits for those that sell it and isn’t good for the body.  I hope you found the setting of this stone in your Temple easy to do!  The world moves in and out of these fast food lines feeding their children these awful things not realizing that they are what is causing the start of calamity and trips to the doctor for which pharmakia is prescribed to cure them.  Often times the Rx causes further issues requiring more Rx and before you know it your caught in an endless loop spinning downward, all from the seminally innocence of eating convenient Fast Food.

The lesson from the Sage was to help you realize that the barley must be ready to eat.  Fast Food is dead food that’s been processed or cooked in a way to make a profit for them not for YOU! Some of the produce used or grown in a way to produce more without any consequence of nutritional value, also known as Genetically Modified Food.  Try and understand produce labeling and make smart choices in building blocks for You and Your families Temple.  Move towards eating 70% food that is alive and only 30% of foods that are dead.  Alive foods are naturally grown vegetables, fruits and nuts.

The Aleph and Tav, also known as the beginning and the end we’re shown as building blocks for understanding the deeper things in God’s word.  The richness contained in the understanding of the Hebrew letters, especially the Ancient Hebrew Letters is a wonderful thing to study on the Sabbath Day, everyday, along with your reading of The Torah.  Along this journey you’ll begin to see how the first five books of the bible, The Torah, is inseparable with the rest of the Holy Scriptures and is a key ingredient that invigorates the renewing of your mind.

Prayers for your family and others are key in building your Temple.  Move away from the world and the egotism it feeds.  Move away from praying for things or self centered desires and focus on loving others with requests of spiritual and healing things to help  them along The Way.  In so doing, YHVH knowing what You need before you ask of it, will grant your requests openly so that your Temple and The Kingdom can be built to honor Him.

I hope you enjoyed the hidden message locked within the names of those that came before us.  The Holy Scriptures are full of revelation knowledge for those that press in and build the Temple.  Come out of the World and its continuous lying deceptions!  The television is as the Image of the Beast.   The Beast is within each of us.  Watching the Image of the Beast fuels our ego and our thoughts with worldly things that keep us far from the Spiritual side a man.  Unplug the TV and remove the bombardment of advertising desired to motivate you to lust for things of the world.  Tune into Internet Channels that promote a renewed mindset towards spiritual matters, education and family time together.   Let you eyes not look upon the Image of the Beast.  Be cautious of the religious spirit creeping in.  

Kill the Beast within each morning before you start your day with prayers that forgive others and with love toward your enemies, strangers, co-workers, friends and family.  Ask for the Mind of Christ and to walk each step directed by the Ruach haKodesh.  A tall order yes, but with each day and step we come closer to perfection.

Come out of the World and the Religious System that has you in Bondage.  Build Your Temple, Seek the Kingdom and His Righteousness. 

How will YOU start this day The Lord has made?

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