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Cross Over with Love


Knowledge Message for December 8, 2013 inspired from Exodus 14.

What is in your bones?  Is the marrow bring forth the blood?  Is the DNA of G-d deep inside your bones or just a flaking crust of fleshly desires that you’ve caked upon yourself to give an image of the work from the potters wheel?  For to be truly manifest with G-d one has to be set apart from the things of this world, not to much unlike the north and south walls of the Red Sea.  Those that set themselves apart will overcome the fear in the valley.  Woe to those that come as mighty men with horses and rage in their hearts.  While they will go mightily into the valley of decision their bones will soon tremble from the fear  and misunderstanding of that which is seen in the deep valley.  Their crust will crumble and their bones will break.  None will survive, even the horses shall not escape.

Stay strong and push through when unimaginable things begin to manifest around you.  Give thanks and be in amazement as to what G-d and the unseen world of the heavenly host can and will do for those that love Him.  Once you’ve come through the valley of death, overcomer, the inheritance is just beyond the next flowing river.  Kneel and drink then cross over with Love, Peace and Joy in your heart.  Let not those that murmur take bond over you.  Lift their spirit and speak of the good things to come.  Edify one another in the knowing that tribulation shall come but those that trust in The Lord shall be saved.  Yea, they shall be lifted upon the wings of eagles and soar into the bright light that removes all darkness for a thousand years.  Living each day without night, living in His Kingdom and His Light for a thousand years but aging in our glorified bodies only a single day.   Lift up your head and Rejoice!  Salvation has Come!

Is there Blood in what You Sea?

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