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Eyes to See the Rebuilding of the Temple


The Time is at hand to set a few more stones upon the firm foundation.  The Elijah Ministries and Glory Knowledge Studios are moving to Northern California over this wondrous weekend!  We hope to have things back up on line by next Wednesday July 16, 2014.  Please send your blessings and love as we Take the Journey to where mighty Yehovah is leading us.

Check out why it’s important to set as many stones upon the firm foundation as possible during the several weeks.  The period before the 9th of Av is nearing. Study Torah and pray for Divine Love, revelation of the deep things! http://theelijahministries.org/faithful-assembly/feast-dates-20142015.html

A Super Moon, 3 Weeks of Pressing & Fasting till the 9th of Av! Will you be blessed with eyes to see the new Temple? http://theelijahministries.org/faithful-assembly/the-three-weeks.html

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