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Fall like the Cedars of Lebanon


Knowledge Message for November 7, 2013 inspired from Isaiah 16

Those in the East stand and look towards the west and grumble with shaking fists raised high.  The Moon was blood when the war was won without the rider upon the mount.  Let the Stallion raise and rumble the hooves toward the shaking fists.  The rider now is ready to throw the leg up over the saddle.  The four winds beckon with a swirling and echoing sound.  The hearts of the husbandmen make ready the army for war.  The battle shall not be against the flesh and the blood as most men see, but shall be in the winds and by words of the righteous ascending to heaven in timely prayers.

Who shall the witnesses be that come against the the darkness and spiritual wickedness of this age?  How will the men of renowned kneel down to select the stones?  Let the witnesses come forth at the appointed time, bold as a lion, roaring like booming thunder with their swords burning with sharpness from the workings on the hardness of the tablets.  Let the pieces of stone that have fallen due to their grinding be picked up and placed in the leather, yea, placed upon the leather sling going forth conquering and to conquer.  May their aim be true and the cutting of the sword swift upon the nephilim that they all shall fall like the cedars in Lebanon.

Bring forth The Way of old, The Way taught by the few.  Yea, those that spoke in mysteries, let that same  spirit come forth and make known the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven to those in covenant with a circumcised heart and ears that their eyes shall see by The Renewing of their Minds.  Amen

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