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Forever in Paradise


Knowledge Message for November 28, 2013 inspired from Exodus 36 

The tabernacle of the mind is the storehouse of heaven.  The jewels of revelation knowledge The Almighty stores there, is limitless as our Eternal Father in Heaven.  To move in the spirit of the tabernacle is a life long journey which ends face to face and light to light.  Giving ourselves as a living sacrifice upon the altar.  Laying our head down willingly upon the word, praying to become a martyr by having our head removed.  For unless our heads are removed Yesuha will have no place to rest his head.  Let us raise our foreheads from the good book and rise with the renewed mind of Christ.  Let the flame of fire, the ash and smoke consume us fully upon the altar that we go willingly to each morning.

As we come from the altar let us go now to the Brazen Laver and wash ourselves clean with the water of the word.  Let us dip the ladle in and pour a double portion upon our heads and hands.  Let us look upon the water and see the radiance of The Mind of Christ being reflected back through the Moltan Sea like a blinding reflection cast by the Sun.  Let us walk forth with our light burning brightly.  Yea with a brilliance like the firmament and the stars above.

As we stand before the next veil radiant with Yesuha’s light we enter into the Holy Place and see it’s mysteries on the left and the right.  We stand before the showbread and see two stacks of loaves that represent the word and its sixty six books.  As we smell the blessings from the freshly baked bread we turn to the Menorah towering over our head.  We marvel at the height and beauty of the flames for each one represents the spirits of The Eternal One, the seven mysteries of the flames.  A thundering voice falls down from above saying you have been given to know the secrets as many before you have made it this far.  His presence is shown like a cloud within this place as the scent of Frankenscence fills the walls in the Holy Place. 

We stand before the burning incense and the veil that hangs from the golden rod inside.  We have the longing to be found worthy to go inside.  As we give thanks , with a humble heart on high, Our Lord transfigures us and moves us through the veil, now going inside.  The Holy of Holies is the tabernacle of the mind.  It’s long humble journey allows us to experience how G-d moves through time.  Standing before the Ark that rests upon our shoulders is like moving timeless across the sky.  G-d placing His peculiar ones all through out time, to Trumpet the Message of the coming marriage feast time.  

The Blazing swords of the Cherubim raise the blood stained Mercy Seat.  They tell us to take the precious things that lay beneath the seat.  Oh, we see the pot of manna, reach in and take a piece.  Eating the food of Angels is always a treat.  Thank You Father G-d on this Thanksgiving Day.  You’ve blessed us with abundant revelation knowledge and we see clearly now The Way.  The Brightness of His coming shines forth unto the white stones.  We read the Torah from them and become one mind, spirit and soul.  As tears flow from our eyes we take the Rod of Aaron, its branch still alive, as it begins to bud as The Tree of Life.  His light now moves upon Us as we go along The Way.  We raise up the Budding Rod of Aaron, and the Cherubim point their swords and say, "You have Overcome and are pleasing unto His Eye, now go into the Garden where you’ll live forever in Paradise.”

Let the Love of a sweet little little woman birth that baby from The Divine!  Let His revelation enter in and renew your mind.

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