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Go to the Stable


Knowledge Message for November 4, 2013 inspired by Matthew 5

The meadow is lush and green.  The air is cooled by the breeze. Turn back and look from which you came for in so doing your future is laid out before you in the steps of your past.  Turn and go The Way your heart is leading you.  It is the one that you long for that has come unto you whispering in the still small voice.  Put the knife into the dead letter of the Torah and open your eyes to the prophetic words given by מֹשֶׁה.   For even he understood these things and told you so that one day you would see to whom it was all written.  Let the Ruach ha-Kodesh take your hand leading you to the deep well, yea to the the deep things of Elohim.

For one can not see the future without looking back upon the past.  Walk in The Way of your true spiritual fathers so that your light will be shown brightly upon the hill, yea even upon The Mount.

Grab the reigns of the mighty stallions and pull back that they may rare up and nigh before leaving dust in the wind.  Ride upon the mighty horses that wield the sword of the His Spirit.  See the Torah and hear this message for it was scribed just for you on this day.  For I came to you all as a thief in the night with a vision of the things that will shortly come to pass.  Go to the stable, look at the Inn, be bold as a Lion roaring in the streets that you have found him.  For He has come from the East and moves toward the West for the remnant that will come to set the first stone, until now has been rejected.  Give those that curse you and revile you the blowing of a holy kiss.  Pour the oil out in great measure that the Lord of Glory shall give His Joy to the full.

Mighty Elohim let the circumcision begin.  Let the callous upon the hearts of the chosen be removed not more than eight days from this day.  Let the sword of His word turn and remove the ear that He may heal it by His touch upon those that will hear.  May that day come with yet the darkness still about them that they will be lead by the prophetic understanding of the Torah to the Living Waters by the voice of Him who sent them.  Let them kneel down at the river and take their portion from  the wetness that yearns for the joining together.  Lift your hand and wash the dust and spit from your eyes that ye may all see.  The angels in heaven rejoice with the gladness in your heart for now you see what has been hidden from you since the foundation of this world.  Rejoice and join hands!  Look into the eyes of your brothers, yea all men, and mount up with healing wings like eagles and ascend to the Temple Mount with Love, Peace, Joy, Goodness, Kindness, Gentleness, Patience, Long Suffering and Self Control with the knowing in your hearts that the words that were written and now understood, trumpet the dawning of The Way and the setting of the first stone upon the another.  Amen.

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