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He gave me a Holy Kiss

Knowledge Message for November 1, 2013 inspired from Jeremiah 2

How is it that we’ve gone so far down this road?  It’s pouring rain down upon us and we feel wet, cold and trembling.  We look back upon the road traveled down and hang our head low.  Oh how we long for the road less traveled.  How we wish to find the narrow path hidden within the honeysuckle and vine.  Let us get off the wide road and into the forest for the trees shall give us protection from the storm.  As darkness falls about us, let us light a fire so that we may see, but alas the wood is wet from the rain.  Our flint and steel have no effect.  The trembling of our hands and the darkness now set in as we curl up under a mighty oak to pray like days of old.

Oh Father forgive us and bring unto us a minister of fire that we shall arise with Joy in our hearts and ascend the Mount.  Let the tears from our eyes and the trees round about cease for a moment that our flame can be rekindled.  Suddenly, a bolt of lightning from above did find it’s way not far from me.  It struck with vengeance and booming thunder and set a rotted stump ablaze.  I looked up unto heaven giving thanks for the light and the flame of fire now set before me.  I cast my hay and stubble upon it and kindled the fire to coals.  As I sat near the root being warmed by the giving of its flame it began to rain again but the rain did not extinguish the flame.

As I push in nearer to the flame I heard a still small voice from the depths of the wilderness.  I gave thanks again unto The Lord of Heaven for the blessings he had given me to remove the suffering I had gone through.  Peering out of the darkness I saw a light coming unto me and a voice crying in the wilderness.  I returned the call, “I am Here” and the man from Salem came upon me and sat with me.  He told me many mysteries and revealed the narrow way by the vine.  As the dawning of the new day was crowning he arose and said he must go and find another for the time is short, the work is great and the laborers are few.  He gave me a Holy kiss upon the cheek and walked into the east and into the rising sun. 

As he walked into the dawning of a new day, damp from the nights rain, I realized that I knew not his name.  I cried out into the wilderness with Thanks for the mysteries revealed asking for a name.  He harkened a return, “I am the one who came to Abram whom I set upon The Way. I came upon you as well so that you could start and stop the rain.” I thought about his words the night before, "Let us look to the Mountain with a renewed hope of the glory to come.  For as Abraham had been come upon, as a wanderer before the times of the Jews, so do many come forth now in a spirit that has yearned in the hearts for many generations.  Let us receive with Joy and make ready the bride for now we say ”Awake!  Arise! Trim your lamps, make your way down the narrow path and go through the door unto the wedding feast!  For as the few mount up as eagles, let them also see the light upon the narrow path that leads to everlasting life.  Amen”

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