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Her Smoke Rises Forever and Ever


Knowledge Message for November 8, 2013 inspired from Job 1 - 13

Look upon the hedge round about.  How high have the fathers of your lineage let it grow without pruning. The berries are offered to the wings of the air in due season were relished,  but now they look to land and feast but find no berries to make themselves drunk.  The music from the hunting lips sound sweet.  But for when they roost, having eaten upon others hedge, they come to give their delight back upon you, know that this must be endured for the root will be supported that the birds may nest in safety for their young.  The cats in the leaves do lay patiently in the shade of the branches.  For the tending of the branches by the fathers allowed them to grow in the lowest places of the trunk.  The patient cat finds the treasure and the birds that sing from the tree tops are heard farthest away.

Let the sins of the fathers be forgiven, granting only truth and blessings upon the young.  Let the mothers milk be suckled unto the full so the babes will be made ready for the bread and the wine.  But as the fathers beards grow long and babies become little children then both the father and the child can rejoice from the wisdom of the ages teaches each one in The Way.  Let the table be made ready and the fire stoked to the full for it’s time to season the meat with pillars of smoke for the marriage feast is near.

Let us wrap the meat with bitter herbs and sprinkle a bit of wine, that while in the furnace the juices flow and savor into the precious wine.  Let us look unto the grate that glows red from the fire within.  Let us see the rising smoke of the furnace knowing that our prayers ascend.  Let the meat always be tender that its juice make good sop with the bread.  Tend the fire and stir the coals that the meat will turn from blood red.  Come unto the Feast of the Lord for her smoke rises forever and ever.  Alleluia!  Let us witness the marriage and the supper of the lamb.  Blessed are they which are called unto the marriage supper of the Lamb.  Let those that have overcome eat at the table and send forth the bread.  Let the birds eat the flesh of horses and of men.  Yea, those that were deceived with lust, the lies, let all the fowls be filled.

Rejoice!  For our cup shall be raised with His at the Feast, yea, this is for all those that have overcome.

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