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His Protection


Knowledge Message for February 10, 2014 inspired from Revelation 9

The smoke grows thick as it rises on high.  The once sweet scent now makes squinting your eyes.  The flags of the nations have the same colors, this is true.  God’s word says it clearly that they all will soon come in tune.  They harbor the treasures of the earth and set apart the sea.  They are the ones who will make life hard for you and me.  They’ll fly across the burning sand and lay waste upon the land.  The sound of their tracks will be followed by their blasts.  They’ll close the pass that feeds the beast, he’ll rise up in his wickedness. Then begin the siege.  With copters and tanks he’ll rule the lands.  That pass west of Yeman will see ships coming thru no more.  Many will walk but few will run.  Thats when the few will begin to shine as the Son.  Fear not those who have YHWH’s mark for You have His protection in these days that are dark.

Guard the Temple with All Your Might!  Let not their Pharmacies Enter Inside!  Eat only what is living, take a little meat in your hand, go forth now and be the Light in the Dark Land.  

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