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In the Twinkling of an Eye


So do you not know that you walk about each day in corruption?  Do you not realize that this corruption is to become incorruptible?  How is it to made be made manifest?

This manifestation can only be made through the transfiguration that occurs in the twinkling of an eye!  When will it occur? At the last shofar.  Look towards the Feast, The Feast of Trumpets, for a marriage supper! Make yourselves ready to receive for it is those that die daily who will receive incorruption, it is not those that have died a physical death but those that are last shall be first.  Having put on incorruption and endued with the power of immortality they shall walk the earth for a time and times and half a time making known the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven.  With great power as Ministers of Fire they will judge with the words from their mouths as they look upon those that receive.  

They will be filled with all power, everlasting glory and will walk giving utterance as Ministers of Fire!

The will have the five loaves and two fish with them which is the five fold ministry and the two witnesses.  The witnesses are as the bread, torah and the law, and the other as the wine, blood and spirit, and give these unto all the wise virgins who have awakened and came forth with their wicks trimmed, ears and hearts circumcised, to receive honor, glory and power to overcome and stand in the evil day.  No harm will fall against those that are saved by receiving the truth with Love in their hearts.

Woe to those that turn away from the truth. Woe yet again for those that are luke warm in their love for The Almightly.  Woe to those that have fallen asleep and awoke to late to go in through the door.  There will be wailing and gnashing of teeth for they will not experience a physical death, nor will they have the free offer of salvation, but will be made to endure the destruction of 2/3rds of this world and those 2/3rds that have bound themselves to it. They will all burn forever.

Therefore, look up into the cloud of witnesses, yearn for the rain in due season and see that the time draweth near.  Find your spiritual father so that he may circumcise your ears and your heart that you may receive the promise of the resurrection and the hope of glory while the door is opened unto all that come to know Him.  Christ in You, the hope of glory forever.

Kill the beast within each and everyday so that you may hear the truth hidden since the foundation of the world and is now being released for such as a time like this.  For the renewing of the mind comes from the Divine Intercourse of the Sperm Seed, which is The Word of God.  Once the seed has been planted the miracle of life, the mysteries, will begin to be revealed by the Ruach haKodesh, Holy Ghost.  

The Truth Will Set YOU Free! Receive God's Word and Be set Free knowing that YOU know!

The door will shut unexpectedly and will not reopen.

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