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Laying Our Heads Upon the Stones


Knowledge Message for February 21, 2014 inspired from Revelation 17

The blonde stones atop the hill have stains of blood from long ago.  The stones cry out, make way for the Temple, let the Zionist set the stones.  Pray with fervor each and every day that the Temple upon the Mount will be realized within our days.  Oh Lord of Heaven bring these desires upon the earth.  Let the end time prophesies begin with your clapping hands that birth.  Seal us, Lord of Heaven that we can do thy will.  Strengthen US Oh Lord of Glory guide us in Your fields.  Command the mighty angels about us as we assund the hill.  Bring us all to greater glory that we know the mystery of Our Fathers perfect will.

We come and present our living sacrifice, laying our heads upon the stones.  Please Oh Lord of Heaven remove Our heads that with yours our light will be shone.  Let us rise with the mystery secured about our loins with truth.  Let Us Swing Our Mighty Sword and make a living covenant with you.  Hear Our Prays Lord of Heaven, and guide us by your light.  Help us swing a mighty sword with grace within your sight.  Let your ever abounding love, peace and joy rule forever across the land.  Grant Us the will of The Father to perform as He commands.  Open the ears of the people that their hearts with flow in truth. Come quickly with Roaring from Juda and make those round about flee, now knowing the truth.  Let Your temple be built, first in our minds and then on the earth.  Let the debts of the past be forgiven in the year of Jubilee let Your Temple be birthed.

Walk with us as children upon the promised land.  Let your mysteries be known with rain upon the dry desert lands.

Love Conquers All, Forgiveness is Divine, The Master of the Universe Sends this Message to You this day with words and music sent down from above.

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