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Let all evil Tremble


Knowledge Message for October 29, 2013 inspired from Psalms 65

I tell you a mystery, Yea, a mystery that will lead the flock unto righteousness with the faithful and true love of God.  For within the rhythmic motion of the universe lay the core of all things that are created and its essence is the Creator.  The Master of the Universe, creator of all the heavenly's and our earth.  Every atom contains the essence of His Power which swirls in the mind like a spiral upon nature.  The mystery of the Trinity is that the Father, Son and Ruach are one.  When the three that are one impregnate the chosen with the seed, the union forms a mighty work, that is known unto the seen and unseen world as a  Forerunner.  And when this child's eyes are opened unto the world of mystery they add to themselves the one that leads them unto the five.  That most precious thing known as the Torah.  For it contains all things, yea the deep things of God, deep secrets that have ruled the righteous since the days of Adam and the Garden of Eden.  With God’s love in our hearts we set forth on the journey to bring the faithful unto the mysteries of heaven upon the earth.  That, at the appointed time, fivefold, The Elijah Ministries will be made manifest and The Ministers of Fire shall go forth conquering and to conquer.

Let us lead with the council of the wise within His court to lay waste the wickedness that are demons and demonic spirits sent forth from high places.  Let the flaming sword cut with fury to bring forth the precious fruit.  Let us cast out and bind every unclean spirit that harbors in the hearts of men, yea, let us bind the principalities seventy times seven with forgiveness and blessings upon all of heaven and upon all the earth.  Let the darkness always yield to the brilliant white light of righteousness of the Forerunners who God has chosen for such as a time as this for he put the Spirit of Elijah in their hearts, that all men shall see the Glory of the Lord upon them as the darkness of night becomes like the noon day sun.  Let all evil tremble and kneel at the feet of the righteous in submission to the prophetic words within their binding of seventy times seven.

With abundant faith and hope in the glory to come we give thanks for these words in the Mighty Name of Yeshua Hamashiach.  Amen

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