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Life is in the Blood


Remember Always:   Genesis 9:4

The enemy kills in many ways.  This is just one of the ways he deceives the world.  Another is how the Holy Scriptures have been changed to conceal and twist the truth.  Just Read all the different translations of Genesis 9:4, link above, and stand them back against the King James Version, which is the translation we use.  But we do it with a knowing that even it had an agenda.  

One must search the ancient Hebrew meaning within the Aleppo Codex and later Dead Sea Scrolls for the truth to emerge in many key scriptures that separate the faithful into all the various religious systems created through the mortal power of men, some even inspired by demons, never knowing the one True God.  

Dear friends,  eat meat sparingly and be wise in The Way.  I leave you  1 Corinthians 8:13 , may it be written upon your heart today.  Be Lovers of the Truth!

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