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Knowledge Message for February 27, 2014 inspired from Revelation 19 & 20

Judegement is coming, the Book of Life is beckoning to you.  Yeshua is wanting to live inside of each and everyone of you.  You only have to let Him come and reign inside.  The Free gift that he offers lasts well beyond this lifetime.  

You hear spirits calling, which one has ahold of you?  Remember that the evil one feeds your Ego deep inside of You!  Unless you kill the ego, the beast continues to reign.  Only with Yeshua can the beast be killed with rain.  

All those odd coincidences that have happened along life’s way, are really the sign posts of Yeshua putting remembrance in the heart this day.  You think back upon those things that he put in long ago.  You feel the flutters in your heart and your soul begins to glow.  

Know that your heart needs circumcision along with your ears, that’s the first thing He’ll do for you, only then can you hear what's true.  Let the LOVE of Yeshua come into your heart this day.  It is really now or never, know your in The Lamb’s Book of Life TODAY!  

With this love and knowing you can kill the beast within.  That old serpent of pride and ego must be whipped out of the temple yet again.  When the light of love radiates from way down deep inside, it bears much fruit that will be seen upon the mountain side.  Oh Our Lord of Glory, we give thanks for mercy and grace.  They empower us unto righteousness and help us along The Way.

Follow Him! 

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Galatians 4:16 “Have I therefore become your enemy because I tell you the truth.”


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