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Lilies of the Field

Knowledge Message for October 14, 2013

In Matthew 6:28 Yesuha tells us to consider how the lilies of the field grow.  Let's consider His humble request today.  First in the natural then in the spiritual.  The lilly springs forth from a seed and grows only in its season to become all that it can be and yet it becomes a beautiful flower in the field.  It had no one to till the soil or tend to it yet it grows into maturity and beauty.  Our heavenly Father shows us the way of his kingdom through things in the natural world.  We only have to stop for a moment and consider these things and ask the Ruach haKodesh to help us understand them in a deeper way.

God is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow and is forever faithful, just as the lilly in the field.  From a seed the Lilly grows and is given all the things it needs in order to grow in its due season.  Upon its maturity it brings forth the seed of life and casts them on the ground and they are wisked away by the wind and the rain to other parts of the field and as the years go by these few lilly's have now grown into the field with beauty and a scent of heaven.

Let us be like the Lilly. As the wind and rain carry the seed from place to place let our soil become rich in the wanting for righteousness.  Let the wind and rain fall upon our soul that it will be found to be good ground by the seed that comes in due season.  By the power and mercy of the four winds the seed has come and impregnated our mind that the field may grow.  As the wind and rain of revelation are brought forth by Him who created all things, we only have to STAND in the field of the good soul and received all the He has for us, for he is the provider of all things.  As our tender leaves sprout and reach unto the light, wanting with love, to touch the light , growing stronger each day as the mystery of life  unfolds and we see with our eyes what we have become.  But as we grow we see the weeds of the field sprout up round about and take our eye off the light and cast them upon the tares of the field.  Not knowing what we are to become we see the ugliness that has sprung up around us and begins to over shadow us and for a short time we are tested to see when we'll return unto the light.

Upon that return the wind and rain of revelation come yet again and strengthen us and our blossoms begin to show forth.  We sense the coming beauty and rise up to higher heights than the tares that sprang up round about.  As we continue to reach, forever, higher into the Kingdom and the lights of the Eternal Father we foreshadow the weeds and our bosoms and blossoms burst forth with love and compassion and with a need to give all that we are in return for all that has been given unto us.  

And the Lilly of the field blooms, spreading forth the beauty slowly but with diligence for now is the knowing what we are and what we are to become.  Our Scent is brought forth in the morning and our beauty is seen all the day long.  The giving and sharing with the field all that has been given us, we give back to those that have eyes to see, nose to smell, with a gentle touch of the passerby and the bluebird singing in the distant field.

There is a knowing that washes over us as we make ready for giving our seed and doing the will of Him that sent us before we return unto the soil, with our soul fulfilled, until the appointed time has come.

Stop and smell the flowers, with your eye and ears directed toward to your heart, and your path will allows be straight and without toil for He that sent Us is greater than he that is in the world.

Given to a Willing Heart as the Sun Faithfully arises yet again.  Thank You Father for being Our Light.

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