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Longs for the Bread


Knowledge Message for October 21, 2013 from Lamentations 4

Hear Oh Israel, the Lord our God is one Lord!  How could you fall so far?  How could you sink so low?  I have given you all my pleasure, shown you great and mighty things.  You believe in the "I AM" but you believe not the word.  The word is true in its revealing of history and the trials of tribulation of men.  You look upon its pages and see not the truth for the lust of the flesh has blinded your eyes.  I send my prophets to trumpet the call for truth but your have not ears to hear.  I speak daily into your hearts but yet they can not perceive.  Oh Jerusalem you have stained the ancient stones with the blood of the just.  Oh Rome you have deceived the masses and made it Mystery Babalon.  Oh Woe to you both for the righteous judge does comith in the clouds of great witnesses.

Purge the inequity from your hearts, wash clean the blood in your cup and upon your streets for the appointed time has come for your judgement to be made full.  The cup of indignation is overflowing upon the land for it is time for you to drink of the wrath of God.

Get on your knees and pray that the truth will be made manifest to you before the dreadful and awful day of the Lord.  For if you have a truly forgiving heart, that releases all resentment, the seed of truth will be planted in due season.  Pray that you will be found worthy to sit at the table and drink from the righteous cup for if you do not turn, repent, and go back the way you once knew you will be lost forevermore. Look upon the eyes of the children that have not yet received the lies from deceived hearts.  The truth is in them for as you look into their eyes you will see the truth and the love the father has for you.  It is not physical love although these are wondrous things in a mans heart.  God's true love is revelation, the unveiling of the mysteries kept secret from the foundation of the world.

Pray that you will receive the Ruach haKodesh for He is the teacher of all things hidden, yea the deep things of God Almighty.  Once the smallest of all seeds is planted into your heart, give it nurturing as a child would receive so that it may grow and the scales upon your eyes will be cast off.  

Let him who brought you hear for this appointed time, circumcise your heart for the callous is great. Open yourself up with a forgiving heart so that the wax and cruel coldness of the heart can be trimmed back and warmed by the Fire of God.  Now LOOK, BEHOLD! a beating heart that gives life and it is seen by the eyes and by men.  Rejoice in the seed that has impregnated your mind this day.  Think of the little children while nurturing the beloved seed, which is the Word of God. 

But does your ears hear the cry of the baby that longs for the bread? Eyes that see and a heart that perceives finds it difficult to hear the cry's of the hungry child when she is put in other places.  Bring for the child and read the word unto the child and train them up in the ways of God and when they get old they will not faultier   Remember always that faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God.  Pray that your ears will be circumcised so the hungry child can be fed and your faith will be built up, not puffed up, so that the word of God fills your tabernacle.

Be ye not deceived!  Protect your heart and the children from the evil that lies in wait to devour the child that now grows with in you.  Use your eyes to see the evil and turn away from it so that it can not enter in.  Be ye transformed by the renewing of your Mind!  Do it for the love of God's revelation, feed the child within for you have become as little children this day.  Oh Father in Heaven, creator of all things, santifiy the hearts of those that read these words and give them the knowing of your Joy as like the children dancing and singing in the rain.  Rejoice in the Knowing that you now have dominion over the evil in this world.

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