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Love Manifest in Messiah


Knowledge Message for November 25, 2013 inspired from Deuteronomy 29

Listen to the words this day, pay special attention to the end as you go along The Way.  For what is a dark saying until upon it the light shines.  It is but a mystery held secret for all time.  Let the Torah be the guide.  Let your love for it burn like a furnace inside.  For from the darkness came forth the light.  So as it is in you, The Torah, brings forth what is right.  If Torah is the flame that burns an everlasting light,  then what is that flame upon the Menorah, is it only light?  This is a mystery, a secret until the end.  That flickering flame represents all those that have forsaken Him.  How can this be so you say, for our flame burns so bright.  It is the kindling you used for the fire that makes the smoke rise with spite.  For when The Torah is unveiled unto those chosen ones, they will finally see, that it was ALL written and speaks of but ONE.

Let the one come near you, let His Ruach whisper in your ear.  Let His love which is revelation bring forth a spiritual tear.  Let the youngest child inside wipe the tear away.  Let the little children ask. “Popy" what has The Lord revealed for US this day.  Sit with the little children, tell them about The Lord.  Tell them about Elijah who stands pointing towards The Door.  For if you do a light will shine upon the children’s hearts.  You’ll see the truth of the flame burning brightly upon their cherished little hearts.  Remember the covenant with Abraham, Issiac and Jacob, tell the children, it’s almost time for US to claim it.  

If you look to rising sun, be certain what you see.  For even the darkest angels will appear as a light unto thee.  Listen to your heart as you walk along The Way.  Let HaShem’s love manifest in Messiah who came pointing The Way.  Let His ruach live within you, each and every day.  Let the Joy of His Love, be revealed unto you in all His mysterious ways.  Turn not head and hearts away, for The Lord of Glory is Coming, prepare the bride's wedding day, let us rejoice in His coming Glory.

With a Holy Kiss, greet those you show The Way, while revealing HaShem’s mysterious ways.

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