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Many Hearts are Deceived


Knowledge Message for December 16, 2013 inspired from John 16

Truth is a hard thing when one has lived in deception all their life.  It is often easier to disregard the truth and settle back into what life has been giving them.  After all, we all made it this far ok right?  To knowingly live in deception will yield to the desires of the flesh.  Those things that the carnal nature thrives on.  Those dark secrets that others don’t know about.  Those things we do in secret that consume us and gratify the flesh.  This is the physical world that many have lived their whole lives in, one foot in the world and one foot in the church.  

What we seek now is the Ruach.  Yea, the unseen world that exists.  But, the whole world embraces not the truth but now lives in the lies of demons and men.  Oh that the people should know that we are the beast, we are the ones foretold about.  The carnal nature that directs us away from the treasures freely given to all that believe in the truth.  Yea, those that do not turn away unto the lies and traditions of men.  These are hard words, yes I know, but they are truth.   The truth that men and women don’t want to hear.  The truth about the unseen world and its operation are seen as foolishness to carnal minded men and women, for they know not the Father or the Son who is in Him.  The Ruach speaks unto them but living the lie their hearts have hardened and they hear not the rushing waters, the booming thunder or the still small voice of The Ruach.  They rejoice, knowing not the word of G-d, and tell lies to pure hearts and give reverence to abominations to Our Lord.

Oh that the people would know that they must kill the beast within them.  For that beasts feeds on the things that The Mystery Babylon has made manifest.  They are deceived by the churches that they go to and have there ears tickled.  Pray, Read Torah, the first 5 books of the Bible, for the Ruach will reveal the truth unto us.  Living a spirit filled life is what we have come upon this time to do.  The things that are everlasting for those that only believe.  I speak the truth to you but many have not eyes that see, or want to see, nor ears that hear, or want to hear and many hearts are deceived and waxed cold.  I seek not to save you, for you can only save yourself by the revealing of The Truth by The Ruach - Not by Men, I come to tell you the truth seeking only one or two of you that receive the truth with Joy and enter into the Spirit of Elijah that is now going forth.  The word is going out and is judging the masses, as was done by Yeshua when he spoke the truth in a mystery, that hearing they would not hear, seeing they would not see for the word had judged them and they all walked as the dead for they all are asleep.

Awake! Arise, the bridegroom is coming!  Come out of the Religious System that has blinded you from the truth, seeking the deep things of G-d that will be taught by The Ruach.  Buy eye salve for your eyes that you may see the truth and walk in it.  Not from the words of Men but by The Ruach, Holy Spirit.

We Spit not into the Well We Once Drank From, but Rather take You By the Hand to A River of Living Water. 

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