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Path of Righteousness


Knowledge Message for December 14, 2013 inspired from Psalms 37

As we sit upon the cold ground while stoking a fire before us, our thoughts are lifted up as embers from the fire that lays before us.  Those little bits of glowing ember rising from the fire, they help us to remember what must be caught on fire.  For when the soul is burning like a winters fire, the warmth of him who sent us raises like embers unto the sky.  Live your life with justice.  Teach the young ones the ways of the light.  Let your coals and embers be stoked, for it is just about the appointed time.  Live your life with faith, Yea righteousness be full.  Let us walk along the narrow path like the little train that could.

The path of righteousness is full of Love Peace and Joy.  Its trials are many and its justice adored.  It all starts with humility and the killing of the beast within.  Let us fall upon the sword so that a new life can begin.  For when we slay the dragoon, that old serpent deep within, our humility is made perfect and our ego has no more sin.  We look upon the stairway at each of its nine steps, we long for Kingdom Glory and to take that next step.   Kneeling before the altar with pains of hunger inside.  For we hunger for His righteousness that makes us pure in His eyes.  So hunger for His righteousness as the good book says and you’ll soon have that craving leading you into a righteous prayer.

Make a reverent petition.  Make it to G-d above.  Let the prayer of a righteous man ascend to heaven above.  Think of only others, staying humble in your prayers, that is how they’ll be answered with His love and care.  Go upon The Door and knock, keep asking, seeking and you’ll find, that the Love of The Father will always arrive in His perfect time.  So answered prayers for others are witnesses before your eyes.  Hold in the billowing words, remember to keep humble without pride.  Trust in that reverence and know that His light will shine.  Let Him move in His spirit like sands though the hour glass of time.  Trust that your efforts, although they are sublime, will be made known by others by G-d’s wisdom and perfected time.  Another step now taken, the revolution begun, we close our eyes in earnest for what Our G-d has done.  Receive His promise in earnest feelings from above.  Know this, that all your searching will endue you with power from above.

With all that now has happened, our faith exercised in full, we must continue to maintain by following a few written rules.  Persistence is important it must labor night and day.  Like that fight with an Angel, Bless Me or I’ll not go away!  For if a woman has 10 coins but lets one get away, will she not light a lamp and search till she finds the one that went astray?   I hope those little short stories helped you all to see that the next step unto the throne room is the one of emptiness, that feeling as the roaring sea.  When we are in the midest of distress and yearning for Our Lord, hear the sound of rushing waters at the brook with the ferns we adore.  So as the deer pants for the water in that lovely brook, so pants Our Souls for you Oh Lord, let us be seen pleasing as you take a heavenly look.

The last two steps seem weary but soon all that will pass.  We yeld ourselves fully to you Oh Lord, with a surrender that now will last.  Let us rise from being weary, like being alive from the dead with righteous tears in our eyes, Yea, resurrected from the dead.  Let us jump upon the last step with Praise and Shouts of joy,  let us delight ourselves in the Glory of the Lord.  For as we enter now into The Feast, being healed from all of deaths woes, we lift our cup with His and drink.  Praise G-d for Our everlasting home.

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