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Look Upon It and See


Did you not well receive a look or a comment yesterday?  Many of us have days such as this.  Did you feel the anger welling up inside you?  Did you purge the welling of justice from within through your words or deeds?  Here is a key to this mystery!  For I speak plainly to you today so that you will hear Him.  For those that read these words and believe, shall hear Him evermore.  

To place the key into the lock one must realize first that what makes the lock work is unseen.  This is the same for the welling up of negative feelings inside.  You must look to unlock these things by trusting in what you can not see.  For the mindset to reign over these things you must have the knowing that it is not the person that is attacking you or wronging you in a way that makes evil well up inside of you.  It is the spirits that are within them that cause them to do these things.  Remember, that we fight not against flesh and blood but against the principalities that control many demons cast forth upon the world to deceive the hearts and minds of men.  

With key now in the lock, we’re ready to turn.  Turn the key knowing that we have to come into the knowledge of the glory of the Lord by realizing that their is a physical and spiritual side of things.  Calm your spiritual side and release the welling anger by forgiveness of those casting the stones toward you.  Move toward the knowing that to be humble in nature and violent in spirit will keep you strong and the evil that lurks in the hearts of men will have no effect over you.  Open the lock and remove it from it’s hasp.  Look upon it and see into the unseen world that eye can not see by the knowing that their within is where the mystery shall begin.

Now open the door, now unlocked by the key, and look unto the light of Him that brought you unto this door today.  Rejoice in the knowing that you now possess the key that can unlock many doors for by faith and forgiveness all things are now possible unto you.  Go forth  conquering and to conquer.  Walking in weakness and humility in the natural man and with great hope of the glory to come within by the planting of this seed into the spiritual man.

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