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PLU - Poor Little YOU!


Knowledge Message for April 28, 2014

Its important to know what you are eating.  The PLU stickers on the fruits and vegetables you buy are very important for you to understand.  

Did you know that eating Genetically modified foods will most likely result in the sterility of Humans beginning in the third generation?  

When I look in the eyes of my grandson and think about what could be lost, our whole family and legacy taken from us by the greed of men for money - oh how far we have all fallen.  I share these information from scientic evidence done on lab animals that eat, as their primary diet, genetically modified food.  Nothing happens until the third generation then bam!  It’s all over but the crying.   

Since congress passed laws that allow patients on life, corporations have been VERY BUSY genetically modifying ALL seeds so that the seeds can’t be reused by farmers.  The farmers are forced to buy more seeds from the corporations.  Those farmers that tried to harvest and replant seed in the fields they planted were sued in a court of law by these greedy corporations and put those “radical farmers”  out of a lifelong business.   

Be smart!  Grow your own if you can!  The corporations are lobbing congress against putting these labels on our food, the corruption in the government is allowing them to win.  I’ve even seen reports of tactics of growing genetically modified seeds ORGANICALLY, which since its NOT A LAW that genetically modified foods have a PLU sticker they are sold with a #9 - ORGANICALLY GROWN LABEL to even further deceive the masses.  

Come out of the world before its to late!  Try and Buy American & Canadian!

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