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Precious Wine


Knowledge Message for November 24, 2013 inspired from Number 14 & Joshua 24

What happens to the fruit left upon The Vine?  Does it grow sweeter and make precious wine?  Or does it become bitter, rot and fall to ground, the choice is yours my friends, the ones plucked have His Love inside.  Let us look to the fruit that now ripens on the vine can you see the love, peace and joy as it pulls in the sunshine.  For those that do not see it due to their fussing and whine, it brings goodness, kindness and gentleness to those that nuture in its Vine.  They come and say the land is not worthy.  But yet two witnesses saw HaShem’s coming fury.  For they were the patient ones, long-suffering with faithfulness and self control.  They harkened His message with all their heart and soul.

The time for the harvest has come.  HaShem is choosing the choice fruits, from His Son’s work, also called The Vine.  His angels come as reapers in order to harvest the fruit so that HaShem’s winepress of wrath can be made manifest as those days counted as forty years.  Let His winepress of wrath come, even thou His workers are few.  For they are all strengthened by the Ruach that lives inside of me and you.  Rejoice in your heart and know that these words are true, that upon that faithful day of His coming, we'll pour His drink and break bread with you.  Raise Our Cups with Him, that sits on the right hand of HaShem, drink as like the Sedar that the wine of Elijah's Cup will make our pleasure full.

Those that deceive the world shall have to come up out of their holes.  And when they come forth HaShem’s Cup of Wrath will be poured out upon their lost souls.  The sores and boils upon their heads and hands will be a testament of the words written through his servants by His mighty hand.  They will chew their tongues like cud in agony for they all shall receive their just reward.  Let their gnashing of teeth sound as swarming insects, let their calling out to HaShem bring back all the memories upon them that they should mourn.  These are the things that happened oh so long ago, and as HaShem had written, what has come shall come as before.  

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