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Purged the Leaven


Knowledge Message for October 24, 2013 inspired from 2 Chronicles 30

The leaven is the enemy.  It takes only a pinch, to take what is pure and puff it up.  Kneed the dough but purge the leaven from the temple so that the Mystery Babylon can't be made manifest.  For it is the mixing of the true and the untrue that deceives the world and make those that believe the lie unmovable.  Thinking that they'll be whisked away with out trials or going through the fire is the foolishness of these virgins and whores.  They kneed the dough and bake the bread and watch it rise in wonder and rejoice that they are being fed what has been puffed up for they drink the wine from the cup of indignation and rejoice in the Mystery Babylon.

Oh Woe to you who worship is likened unto the pagan sun gods!  Your time is coming to realize how you were deceived and shall wail with gnashing of teeth in remembrance of the truth that was laid at your feet and you turned away.  You look unto a man like the vicar of Christ, a lie propagated from the days of Edom until now.  When the Nephiliam come forth they will deceive all, yea the very elect if it were possible.  Rejoice!  For your eyes have been opened to see the truth.  Take the branch of hyssop and paint the doorposts of your temple red with the blood of Yeshua that the evil principalities in heaven and in earth shall passover you at the appointed time.  Yea, that the evil will tremble and shudder running to be hid in the darkness when the elect stand before it speaking the truth with great Dominion and Power.

Again we harken a call unto our brothers and sisters that have not eyes to see or ears to hear.  Turn away from the pagan sun god worship that was mixed in with the truth long ago. Realize that those wicked men of the past age of darkness conspired to deceive the nations for all time yet to come by adding to and taking from the Word of God.  The propagation of the lies continues to this very day for ALL the church is asleep, dead, in the understanding of the truth.  Remove the leaven from your lives and seek the truth praying always with the power of the Ruach haKodesh to teach you all the hidden things, yea the deep things of God.

Come to the passover meal, having purged the leaven from your temple and rejoice for the last week spoken of by the prophet Daniel is coming quickly.

Awake! Arise for the Bridebroom is Coming!  The Bridegroom is coming in a Cloud of Witnesses.  Seek to have sufficient oil for your lamp and truth in your heart to enter into the marriage supper of the lamb.

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