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Rebbe Tears in my Eyes

Tevet 10 5774 - Fast of 10 Tenet


Menachem Mendel Schneerson

Knowledge Message for December 13, 2013 inspired today by the Latter “Rebbe” rain.

In many circles today a faithful assembly will be fasting in remembrance of this day.  On the 10th day of the Jewish month of Tevet, in the year 3336 from Creation (425 BCE), the armies of the Babylonian emperor Nebuchadnezzar laid siege to Jerusalem. Thirty months later—on 9 Tammuz 3338—the city walls were breached, and on 9 Av of that year the Holy Temple was destroyed. The Jewish people were exiled to Babylonia for 70 years.

Let us go and study at the links set before us today.   Let us reach out for our Jewish brothers who bore the siege that day.  We are all besieged upon all sides in varying measures each day.  Let the fruit of the Spirit guide us along the narrow path also known as The Way.  Let us rejoice in Love as we think of our Jewish Brothers this day.  They longed for Peace and Joy that had now fallen to The Babylonian Way.  With Patience and Kindness they endured their captivity stay.  However some of them were lead along a different kind of way.  But even now the Goodness shines like diamonds from their souls.  Let Our Faithfulness show as the new branch grows.  Let the time, a time such as this, bring us yet closer with Gentleness and His Bliss.

Let us Hold Hands on this and everyday.  Let our self-control align with G-d’s thoughts and Our deeds, Yea Forever in this way.  Let the ripening fruits of His Spirit, The Ruach ha Kodesh, share like The Rebbe’s dollar given every Sunday, but only now seen to point us along The Way.

Let us first unveil The Temple within Our Renewed Mind then shall The Temple upon the Mount be made manifest and Yeshua Hamashiach will come in the clouds with many witnesses.  Let it RAIN!!!

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