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Red Moon Coming


Knowledge Message for November 5, 2013 inspired from Second Kings 25

To look upon the broken pieces of the sea saddens the heart but makes the spirit within STAND!  Oh let not the people perish for a lack of knowledge.  The truth has been set before them in the writings of Moshe and others. Have they ALL been blinded so they can not see?  Elohim has sent many righteous men to reveal the prophetic words, kept secret within, unto the nations and to His chosen people but the evil in their hearts has slain all that have come speaking the truth.  I to may awake to such a fate but unlike the days of old the King of Glory shall come upon the elect that no man can come against the messengers of this age, for the Kingdom Age now has come.  For the mysteries are being revealed for such as a time as this.  So that the words from the prophets of old will be made manifest and come to pass before their very eyes.

The evil, twisted teachings, in their hearts and minds has brought destruction upon the House of Israel and to the beloved Temple as has the dead letter understanding. For every since that faithful passover the lamb has returned to the Temple wearing red.  The red was as the coming passover moon which speaks of the second coming of the Messiah.   To many that know not the truth for their eyes and hearts have been blinded, they shall see it as the first but to those that are saved it shall be the last and if the days be not shortened none could bear the destruction of the temples that remain.

Be ye wise and buy eye salve for your eyes for the prophetic truth comes at a high price.  As in the days of the Temple, a perfect sacrifice is required in the morning and the evening.  Lay your temple upon the altar as a living sacrifice daily.  In so doing the Lord of Glory will put the mind of Messiah upon your shoulders that ye may walk in the spirit of The Lord, being yoked to the old ox that will make the way straight unto the mark.  Let the plow run at full depth that our strength will be made full in the temple upon reaching the Tav.  Hold firm the rods that carry the Ark upon the shoulders of the spirit and turn back which ye came, setting the the plow at full depth as we plow the next row for the seed to be sown.  

Let it rain that the seed would grow in the soil of the hearts and minds that receive.  May everlasting life spring forth reaching for the heavens and basking in the new found light.  Amen

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