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Shade of Protection

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Knowledge Message for February 5, 2014 inspired by Revelation 7

The stone in the desert lays hot upon the ground.  The stone cries out for the rain.  The stone is as hot as a flaming fire and no man shall lay a hand upon it.  With each passing day it lays still as a rooted oak that thirsts for the latter rain .  The creeping things seek it and curl up under its shade of protection.  The shadow of the desert cactus gives relief to the stone but once a day.  That offering from above calls out, "Are you ready for the latter rain?"  Come out from beneath the stone and cry to heaven above.  Let the latter day rain come in great measure from the clouds and the Divine Revelation, latter rain, from above.

Come into your calling with the knowing that the cold wind that will blow around you, will never harm you.

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