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Shine Through


Knowledge Message for February 14, 2014 inspired by Revelation 12

Stones upon the chosen path have cracks full of weeds.  The more we go trodding across the less of them we see.  Walk forth in glory and power with the mighty King along your side.  For the devil has been cast down from heaven and has but a short time to abide.  Know that His authority is what makes our salvation true, we only have to claim it for the power to begin to shine through.   Thank You Lord and Master for the blessings and not the curse, grant us eyes that see where we should go to first.  Be in our hearts and fill our minds with faith and heaven above.  Let the Ark of the Covenant be opened and the Torah exposed.  Guide us with your spirit, revealing the deep things hidden inside.  That we’ll know the perfect will of Our Father that resonates mightily for Our Time.

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