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Sow a Seed


Knowledge Message for January 23, 2014 inspired by those that came before us.

How could it be that men like us have waited until this age to come forth?  How can men like us be in a world so dark?  How much blood must be shed and whose blood shall it be?  For many mighty men have come before us.  Those never tasting the second death.  They walked with God and saw God in every aspect of nature, themselves and in others.  To walk with no blade at our side amongst the evil in this world, bumping shoulders,  seeking only forgiveness.  

They come with there blades drawn and whirling through the air as if to take off our heads.  We stand before them in humility, hearing God in our hearts knowing what is to come next.  They look at us puzzled for there is no fear in us.  The peculiar ones that God made for such as a time as this.

We stretch forth our hand with palm open and sow a seed into their heart with great Authority.  Let the chosen ones that are called be made known to us.  Lord above grant us the strength to be humble as the seed it planted.  Let us become as clouds in the air to give forth morning dew upon the seed so that the one who sent us can take root inside the one who was in bondage by the darkness of this world.

Walking, yea, taking each step knowing that God is all, in all and in us.  This is the knowing of the now that resonates Heaven upon the earth.  Go forth this day as a sower in the field.  Listen for the coming booming thunder and rain of revelation.

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