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Sparks for the Fire


Knowledge message for November 27, 2013 inspired from Deuteronomy 8

The miracle of birth is a treasured thing that often brings tears to the eye.  Just to remember those moments and go back to our memories in time.  As the newborn suckles from the mothers breast for the very first time an everlasting bond of encouragement, favor and trust shines forth then and for all time.  The milk of life given in great measure, strengthens the child as they grow, beginning to eat the bread that the mother loving kneads, rolls and bakes for those wanting to grow more.  The child soon is running about, eating meat, growing ever stronger in body and mind.  You perceive along the little child's path but for only a moment in time?  The seen world with all its cares can turn, a giving and loving heart away from the giver of all thats divine.  Let us consider the unseen world.

Babies in the faith are blind and needing to suckle.  They grow closer to the bosom of milk and grow stronger as each day goes by.  Then they sit at the table, drink warm milk with plates smelling of goodness of wine.  Often times they are rewarded with a bit of honey and a promise of things to come.  But the cares of the world overtake them as this world breathes life upon them.  All things are cast aside, for it is not seen or the unknowing lead the dear hearts astray with deceitful words and bitter wine.  Never knowing the meat, tender and juicy from the smoke and the flame.  The fruit trees used in the cooking are not known to them that have strayed.

For if you follow the commandments and live your life for Him each day.  The unseen world comes alive, and you’ll laugh with joy along The Way.  Let us gather some stones for the fire and wood to make the coals.  Striking flint makes sparks for the fire, also giving water that makes wine glow.  Cook and grill it tender for the meat to be received in its time.  The flame of fire are the Mysteries, His secrets now being revealed in our time.  The meat comes from His words divine, juicy and pink are held deep inside.  When the unseen world prepares the feast they always bring bread and the wine.  Let us sit with him and rejoice as we taste the meat, bread and wine.  For in so doing the secrets of His Kingdom are revealed to us in God’s perfect time.

What door do you see?  What prophetic words do you hear?  

Come through The Door & Through the Fire to The Feast.

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