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So that the Mystery of the Gentiles will be fulfilled, Messiah in You the Hope of Glory!


Knowledge Message for November 12, 2013 inspired from 3 John

Do you look up unto the clouds towards heaven expecting to receive the spiritual light?  There is light that shines down from heaven in this manner but it is physical and not spiritual.  To see the clouds of heaven with spiritual eyes one has to know the coming of the rain.  Feel the wetness upon the face.  Know the joy in your heart from the words and ways that He speaks.  Oh Father, your ways are perfect and mysterious.  For what would such a good and perfect gift become if evil men with lustful hearts could understand it?  Why would they not trample it under foot as hogs rushing to slop in the trough.  

Should these mysteries be revealed plainly that the evil in this world could understand?  Before revealing the truth of the mystery one must test the spirit within the man.  For it is the words from God that judge, not the man giving them to him.  For if he casts the pearls before the swine and fill the trough with joy would not they to trample the Truth under foot and with full bellies have no joy?

If a man come before you that brings joy to your spiritual man what good is he to evil men?  His worth is seen on a great plain of understanding as if looking towards the West in early morning from atop the high mountain.  The giving of light is being foreshadowed by the one giving the truth to those that have eyes to see, ears to hear and hearts that perceive.  Oh Father, let your Joy forever be in our hearts that we hear the Ruach’s still small voice with our ears that have tuned themselves to our heart.  Let the rushing waters flow as a river that those with eyes will see and become intiment with Him who gave the words that flowed out of the mountain and into the river.  

Take up your your love and let your mind be wet and wanting for the word.  For the word is intimacy to those that know true Love.  For in the physical realm it is known as passionate love and brotherly love.  The word I speak of is also intimate but comes from the spiritual or unseen everlasting glory.  For when the meaning of the word is revealed to you through the Ruach and revelation knowledge you will see that The Word is a seed, yea, from the Greek it is revealed as Spermos.  Let those with a wanting of spiritual eyes come into forgiveness of past transgressions from the lustful one who deceives the spiritual mind through the carnal nature and lusts of the flesh.  We cast down and bind up all these evils and toss them into the pit of hell until the appointed time of The Father has come.  We do so that the wetness of your mind will receive the seed with joy that in so doing your joy shall be made manifest by the renewing of your mind.

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