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The Appointed Time

Tevet 14 5774 - Full Moon

the appointed time

Knowledge Message for December 17, 2013 inspired from the heart

Yeshua was brought forth by the Ruach.  The Ruach was brought forth by Yesuha.  Both are in the Father, both are manifestations of how the Awesomeness of the Almighty moves and communicates with those who have found the narrow path and believe in faith those things which are unseen.  For the unseen world is ALIVE, and full of mystery, wonder and joy.  One only has to tune, have a relationship with HIM, into the His mysterious ways to find Joy everlasting in this life.  Joy is a wonderful and healing essence.  When the Ruach moves and speaks the words of The Father into our hearts we so often burst out laughing with great joy, awe and amazement!  True Love is Glory Knowledge and Revelation from Above!

To take each step with a knowing that Yeshua walked upon the eath as The Almighty whom humbled himself, with humility we’re unable to understand, so that we might know him more.  That He came to make known the spiritural meaning of the scriptures written by His servants, the Prophets.  But when He taught to the masses He spoke not plainly but in a parable.  He spoke this way so that the words he spoke would judge those who heard the words.  For the truth of The Kingdom of Heaven is hidden in the prophetic langue written in the Torah, the words of The Prophets and by the Apostles of the New Testament.  Yeshua came to fulfill not to destroy the Law of The Torah.  

The hidden meaning, yea the spiritural meaning of occurrences and writings from long ago were as shadow pictures of the good things to come.  These mysteries are being revealed so that they can be shared with those who have EYES to SEE, EARS to HEAR and HEARTS that PERCEIVE at the appointed time of The Father.  For when one studies the scriptures they will find that all through the carnal understanding of the History within the scriptures that the people had not eyes that see, ears that hear and hearts that perceive.  The mysteries of the Kingdom of Heaven have been waiting to be released for such as a time as this.  Study, Celebrate & Observe the Feasts of The Almighty for they reveal the first and the last of the good things to come.  Leviticus 23 is where you’ll find them.  May the Lord Bless You and Keep You. May the Lord Shine His Light Upon You this Day!

May the rain be upon Your eyes as the Revelation Falls as the dew.  Deuteronomy 32:2

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