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The Birthing of a Renewed Mind


Knowledge Message for November 11, 2013 inspired from Revelations 12 - 15

Hear O Israel: The Lord Our God, The Lord is One.  

Let not my child be devoured, let not my child have the breath of darkness come upon Him.  I set forth a hedge of protection that You may return back unto Heaven in the perfect will and time of Him that sent us.  Hear the cries but guard the door with the Kingdom, Power and Glory.  Let the stars in heaven blind all those that would do harm to the man child.  Let him who deceives the world receive the fatal head wound so that the Kedoshim shall know him that should be healed and shall deceive yet all the world.  Let the faithful be wise in hearing the spirit with prophetic eyes to see how the world is deceived into worshipping the image of the beast.

Oh let the wise be pierced in the heart that they shall see that the people upon the earth are the beast and the fight is within to kill the flesh and the carnal mind of the beast.  Those that take not the seal of The Lord Our God, The One Lord, have already been marked for they are the 2/3 of the world to be destroyed, 2/3 = .666.  Let us rule and reign by the birthing of a Renewed Mind of Christ that we may endure and overcome unto the end.  Let us sing the Song of Moses with a renewed mind, having received the Seal & Mark of God’s Salvation which is the Aleph, Ox, and the Tav, Cross.  Let the scales be removed from our eyes that we shall see ALL the Love of God radiating from the Hearts of the kedoshim that Love The Lord as One.

Let us become the living sacrifice that we may pass through the veil unto the Holy of Holies this day with the Mind of Yeshua Ha Mashiach upon our shoulders having eaten the hidden manna, having God’s name inscribed upon our hearts while holding the budding rod up high to the cherubim that they would grant us entry back into The Garden of Eden forevermore.

Rejoice for We Who have Overcome Shall Take His Hand and Walk the Land  "In the Garden of Eden"

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