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The Blazing Sear


Knowledge Message for October 23, 2013 inspired from Mark 1

As We look through the window upon the dawning light We see the clouds gathering in the air and the rain making ready to come down upon the Kedoshim this day.  Lift up your head and look to see the cloud of witnesses that are coming to make the way straight for such as a time as this.  Look yet closer in the clouds for the eagles that soar high above the mountain and feel the breath of the Father upon them as they look as only eagles can do, into the hearts of men.

Let the eagles land upon the rock and bring forth the clouds that follow them.  May the rain wash the mountain tops clean.  Let this revelation of the mind pool in the valleys for all to come unto and wash themselves clean.  Yeah, let them all be immersed in revelation and become part of the coming storm being risen up unto the clouds, returning to become, yet again, part of the rain over the next nation, land and people.  As in the days of Yesuha so shall it be in these days to come.

Those that are bound with transgressions and yoked unto this world by principalities in the heavenly places, shall come forth in the rain and seek the lightning, thunder and the sound of many waters so that they can be healed.  Let the leopardsy that is binding them be cast out in heaven and in the earth to  be bound for all time.  Let those heavy hearts come and be circumcised with the blazing sear of the double edged sword so that their hearts will be able to perceive the Ruach.  Lord in Us may we wield that blazing sword and smote their ears and eyes that they may turn and be healed that they to will obtain eyes to see, ears to hear and with abundance of Love, Joy and Peace in their hearts come unto the knowing of the the Glory within them.

Let them come out of the river with a good catch held within the basket.  May they sit upon the edge of the waters and rejoice as the mighty oak that now shades them from the pagan sun gods.  Let them rejoice in the catch and return their line into the river so that they to will become fishers of men.  Let the banks not become slippery in the times of the pagans which are now being made manifest before our eyes revealing the Mystery Babylon for which the pagans rejoice never knowing the truth has not been received by them.  Father cast out and bind the Jezabel spirit that is casting stones upon the Kedoshim.  May they be forgiven and come in to the blessing of the knowledge of Your Feasts and Turn, repenting from the pagan traditions set forth by their fathers of the past whom were deceived.  Let not the little children be told the pagan lies ever again.  In the Mighty name of Yeshua do we ask for these blessings, giving thanks for in our hearts we have the knowing that it is done.

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