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The Ravens Bring Forth the Meat


Knowledge Message for November 15, 2013 inspired from Leviticus 11

Look upon life in the fields.  The wheat with budding heads sway gently in the breeze.  To look upon the field of wheat, those with eyes that see, can hear the gentle brush of His hand across the meadows and the fields as the harvest wind gentle blows.  Walk in the field but pull not the tares until the appointed time, for they feed and make the wheat struggle thus making it stronger than before.  Let the bread come forth from the wheat to make known the mystery of the law.  For when the cud is chewed and the wheat and tares taken in, it is by the good and the bad that the temple is made to raise before the stars.

The mind of man is controlled by the flaming tongue, which is a small member but wields mighty power for them that chew the cud.  For when they chew and walk the fields upon the wholly cloven feet, now being able to discern by the cud, which path one is the The Way to take.  For the struggle to be clean is one of righteousness, yea, one of mercy and patience.  For when a man walks in The Way with shod feet and cloven fire upon his mind and lips that small and mighty member spews forth mysteries held secret since the foundation of the world.

Let us walk from the fields unto the rivers and the seas.  Let the cloven tongue of fire be washed by new Revelation that flow down for the high mountain streams and the four winds upon the sea.  Let the mikvah be accomplished with the cloven tongue of fire still blazing over our heads as the immersion and transfiguration of the mind is made manifest.  Let the ravens bring forth the meat that we may be strengthened as we give thanks unto Him that sent us to share this with you.  

Let us, with faces of men, be lifted up on wings of eagles, with renewed strength soaring ever higher in the clouds, yea, to the very gates of the new Jerusalem   As we pass through the vail and see the Lion of the Tribe of Judah sitting upon the mercy seat, we lift a high wing and turn towards the sun and come forth with the cloud of witnesses that we may be yoked with the mighty Ox, Yeah the Aleph and Tav shall be made manifest upon the hearts and rows plowed in the fields this day.

Look for Him who sent Us.  Listen to the Ruach haKodesh with a renewed mind and hear The words of Torah that were written for those that have eyes to see, ears to hear and hearts that perceive.  

Forevermore Amen

She is Heard by Many but Loved be Only a Few.  I Love her & Him Who Sent her, for She is Wisdom.

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