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The Threshing Floor

Threshing floor

Knowledge Message for January 3, 2014 inspired by Numbers 18

Stand in the Holy place so that your joy can be made full.  Smell the scent of the Frankincense yurned for many weeks.  Oh Father we give thanks for your bounty given us for the building of the Kingdom of Heaven upon the Earth.    Let us give back a greater measure unto your service that the threshing floor can bear much fruit in it’s due season.  Let the wave offerings be a sign of our humble nature and giving hearts of the people for this is The Way it was, is now and will always be.  Oh Father guide us into paths of righteousness that our words will be Your words, our thoughts Your thoughts and our tongue Your tongue so that in all we do will be in knowing You more and making known Your mysteries concealed in The Torah by the prophetic language they contain.  Let the Dreams You have given us all be made manifest upon the World for Your Glory and to make our Joy FULL!

Let our hearts be always open to your still small voice as it gently brushes and grooms us for what you have made us all to become.  Purge all pride and egoism from us and fill us with your Authority and Power that we speak boldly as we ought to speak to make known the mysteries of the Kingdom of Heaven.

Walk in Righteousness and LIVE FOREVERMORE!

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