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The Torah will come Alive


Knowledge Message for December 6, 2013 inspired by 2 John

We sail a stormy sea.  The waves crash upon us from all sides yet we do not fear for our face is wet.  Yea, our minds are moist with the freshness of the morning dew.  Our eyes open wide as the sun and the spray rise above the horizon.  The love radiates from the natural world  making the unseen world rejoice and sing like the birds upon the branch in a far valley.  With the four winds rejoicing in the new morning light that promises to come over the men upon the sea we think back unto the beginning with the knowing of the most perfect love.  The Torah is Life.  It has guided us through the centuries.  It has been as honey upon the lips of all our children.  But now the time has come to take the Love, the first and greatest of all the commandments, of the words of Torah into the deeper meaning and the hidden prophetic words that are light beacons to those that have eyes to see.

Let us turn with the winds and direct the sails upon the light coming out of the darkness.  The fortress of knowledge can be seen through the darkness of the rising light.  But as we turn, make certain whom is at the helm for if one turns to the twisted teaching he will sail far and come upon an empire that will receive them with joy, then as ravenous wolves tear open their flesh and consume all, those that have come in peace.  With Authority command the helmsman to lash the sails strong upon the wind and make way to the Kingdom, Yea, The Kindom of Light.   For it is there that the Torah will come alive with the prophetic meaning bursting forth with joy and everlasting life.  Stand upon the high mountain with true love within your heart.  Look with your eyes squinting to those ships that will go to far.  For they seek the dead letter and not the secret we’ve found inside.  Say a prayer for those that have sailed to the dead letter inspired.

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