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The Virtue to do It


Knowledge Message for November 16, 2013 inspired from Colossians

Oh Lord of Heaven, in the Mighty name of your Son, The Anointed One, do I give thanks for what I am about to freely receive and send forth.  Your timing is always perfect Oh Lord, timeless and eternal.  Strengthen me along The Way this day and grant me boldness to speak as you would have me speak.

Cast away the vain desires of my heart and fill me with Your Love by the Ruach haKodesh who teaches me all the deep things of the Kingdom.  Let my mind look toward your glory that you should guide my steps with your mighty power and the feast of your word.

Grant us all a mighty portion of understanding this day to reveal yet again the work we are to accomplish for you this day.  Grant us Joy in our hearts for seeing what the Father would have us do and giving us the virtue to do it.  For we do all things for Him that sent us and nothing by the lust of the flesh which is the enemy of HaShem.  Let us drink a double portion of your spirit, yea a mighty portion of bread and wine, that we would move ever closer to perfection this day and speak boldly, as we should, to make known the mystery of the kingdom of heaven.

The keys to the things your spirit man urn’s for are spoken plainly in the Torah.  Pray that the Ruach haKodesh teach you the deep things kept secret from the first passover to the last blood red moon in the western mind’s year of 2015.  Yea, that appointed time for The Feast of Tabernacles.  Let the Ruach move you as you read Leviticus 23 a time, times and a half that the brilliance and radiance of the revelation should come.  Give thanks in the mighty name of the one who whispers in our heart and sits upon the shoulders of the renewed mind that has been set upon The Way.  Shalom

Come out of the Darkness and into The Light!

AWAKE!  ARISE! The Bridegroom is Coming!

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