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The Word is the Seed

Today's Lesson for July 9, 2013


The Word is the Seed

The seed goes in 

And water comes down, 

Germination takes place 

Growth goes to town. 

Plants spring from below 

Rooted in the earth, 

As this natural process 

Begins to give birth.

The sperm seed of the Word, 

Goes into your mind, 

You toss it around, 

The revelation to find. 

Your thinking patterns 

Are now the earth, 

And from them your actions, 

Begin to give birth.

So please take care, 

And consider the seed, 

Make it spiritual not carnal, 

The seed you receive. 

Blow away the chaff, 

And cultivate the earth 

Because what enters in, 

Will surely give birth.

The Word of God is a spiritual sperm; in that it impregnates our soul, which is feminine in nature. So the masculine word of God, impregnates the soul of man (his carnal way of thinking) and man is transformed by the engrafted Word into His image. And in fact, if we are not being transformed into His image, we are not truly a part of the redemptive work of Jesus. Because when we see it, when we truly understand it, then we have no choice but to move into it and our whole life becomes subject to it. Our actions and our beliefs will always line up.

We can now see what James was saying when he said that he would show us his faith by his works. The sperm seed of God’s Word, planted in us, is the very revelation we need to be transformed into His likeness and to get the mind of Christ. We will start to see things as He did and our thoughts and actions will start to manifest what we are becoming. And if this Word is not coming to pass, if we are not being transformed by our faith with the actions to back up the words, then there is really no faith there. And Jesus is looking for a people who have faith, a people who not only use words to say they have faith, but whose deeds, way of life and every day actions, actually show that they are walking and talking examples of that faith.

Rom 16:25

Now to Him who is able to establish you according to my gospel and the preaching of Jesus Christ, according to the revelation of the mystery kept secret since the world began


‘Mystery’ is Strong’s G3466, ‘musterion’. In the Thayer’s Lexicon, this word means, “a hidden or secret thing, not obvious to the understanding: a hidden purpose or counsel; the secret counsels which govern God in dealing with the righteous,...”

In Romans 16:25, Paul talks about a mystery that has been kept secret but is now being revealed. The word mystery is a very powerful word and it means, “the secret way in which God governs the righteous, which is hidden from wicked, carnal and ungodly men.” Now we go back to what the Rabbis were saying at the beginning of this lesson. God is hiding things from the wicked and carnal, but revealing them to the righteous. 

But what does this word carnal mean? Come back for that lesson tomorrow My Friends! We have started a new website. It is in development. It can be found here:

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