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They Plead


Glory Knowledge Message for December 2, 2013 inspired by the Ruach

Awake! Arises!  Darkness has fallen upon the virgins who have been driven into the wilderness.  The fall of the year is cold indeed, let the spring come early this year say the virgins as they hold hands, dance and sing.  Some never knowing the signs of the times, others being blessed by Him to see a light that shines upon the virgins in the wilderness.  They sleep, even after seeing the light that has come upon the world.  Yea, they all are asleep.  The voices coming from the towers on high have deceived many that have stayed in the trappings of what the truth calls the pagan church.  There eyes have been blinded to the pagan symbolisms that have enslaved them.  Those that have heard the call to come out and leave the church, for there is no truth in them, have done so but now struggle in the darkness to find the narrow gate.  Most that have done so have been devoured by the lions waiting by the narrow gate. 

There are but a few, yea a chosen, that make their way through the narrow gate and now wander aimlessly in the wilderness.  Yea, these young and old virgins alike are searching for the light as they go deeper into the forest where only the wise dare to travel.  As they lay down their heads for yet another still cold night they are awaked by the sounds of a trumpet from afar.  They rise and trim there lamps and set a course to go deeper into the things of G-d.  All those within the company have brought their lamps but some have brought not extra oil.  They plead to the ones who have brought extra oil for the long journey, “Give us some of your oil that our path would be lighted that we may see through the darkness.”  But the wise virgins council and tell them that must pay the price for the oil, for this precious gift comes with a price.

There are many who hear the call, but yet only a few that have prepared themselves for the journey through the darkness to find the trumpeter, yea the one crying in the wilderness to those that are to come.  Seek the truth of G-d’s love for it isn’t as you’ve been taught.  G-d’s love is revelation of the mysteries locked within the words of Torah and the writings of the prophets.  Those that hear the call, seek truth and turn away from the religious system that has enslaved them will find the light and Him who sends this call out to them.

The Elijah Ministries have come to make the way straight for them who seek Justice, Truth and Faith.

For those that have eyes to see, ears to hear and a heart that perceives we point the way to the trumpeters.  You must pay the price with the desire in your Heart!  

We make your way straight, go now for the Ruach sees the desire in your Heart and longs to teach you the deep things of Him who sent us to YOU!

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