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Upon Our Shoulders


Knowledge Message for January 7, 2014 inspired from 2 Corinthians 13

The world around us continues to spin and reveal the signs in the heavenly above.  Out of the darkness comes the light of the dawning of a new day which Our Father has given us.  What is in your heart for today?  Let each and every step we take this day be with remembrance of Him who gave us this day.  Let us make ready for His return by walking faithfully and in humility.  Casting away the pride of life and the trappings of this world.  Seeking balance with each step that we may not fall.  Yea, let each and every step be watchful for all the saints for it is written that they will greet you, encourage them with a word and humble deed of Love that may give them Joy and Peace in the remembrance of Him who gives us all things.

Let those in darkness shade their eyes from the brilliance of light that shines from within us.  Be humble in our walk and  knowing that Yesuha walks with us upon our shoulders like the ark of the covenant.  Our body, mind and soul fully submitted to the Holy Spirit, Ruach ha Kodesh.  For in this way those lost in the darkness can see the path unto the light that they too can find The Way.  Love one another as you love yourself.  Love The Lord with all your heart yea, the very essence of your soul.  Teach the little children in The Way that they will know the narrow path when their time of testing comes.  Be in Shalom with these thoughts today and forever more.

Make The Way Straight for Yeshua.

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