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Virtue to Pursue

Nehemiah 2:9-20

Not every one has this peculiar (musical) "ear." And no one has by nature that ear which can distinguish the things of God. The spiritual ear is the direct gift and planting of God. Hence it is written, "He that hath an ear," i.e., only he that hath that divinely-planted, God-given ear can hear the things of the Spirit of God. "An ear to hear" those spiritual things is a far greater reality, and an infinitely greater gift, than an ear for music! 

Oh wondrous ear! 

It is the Lord that gives “the hearing ear" (Prov 20:12). He wakeneth the ear to hear (Isa 50:4); It is the Lord that openeth theear (Isa 50:5). The natural ear does not hear spiritual sounds; it cannot discern them (Isa 64:4 and 1 Cor 2:9). Thus nature and grace illustrate each other, and reveal the great fact that there is a secret ear, more delicate than any "organs of Corti," that can detect sounds invisible as well as inaudible to the senses, and which enables those who possess it to say:—

"Sweeter sounds than music knows

Charm me in Emanuel's name;

All her hopes my spirit owes

To His birth, and cross, and shame.”

Grant Us Ears to Hear and the Virtue to Pursue these things with Love in Hearts for You Mighty Creator and Giver of All in this world and the next. 

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