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Walk with Peace


Knowledge Message for November 18, 2013 inspired by Genesis 21

The wind whistles down and around the cobble stone streets.  Many that run to and fro feel not the warm breeze formed by the desert sun, for the cares of a deceived mind look only within themselves.  Time continues to unwind the spring of G-d’s perfect timing.  The winding of the cobble and the stem may be to weak to make known the sound of the alarm.  Find the well and water the flock before its to late.  Let the ewe remember the covenant when meat was served unto this place.

The secret place is most precious for that well never runs dry.  Let us go there freely, put forth the ladle and pour out the water that turns into wine.  Let the well be shared with those that have eyes that see so that those that stand in spectacle would leave for the secret place that brings prayer back unto thee.  Let not our prayers to heaven be seen as mocking upon the streets.  Go forth unto the Temple Mount, having prayed in your secret place,  Go with Your Mind upon Heaven as you walk upon The Way, for it is with this renewed mind of thought, that radiates from inside, that allows our prayers to be heard and not seen by those we long not to despise.

Let us walk in remembrance of the covenant, being humble not filled with pride, so that the evil that lies in wait for us has nothing to tell of their lies.  Walk with peace upon the Temple Mount praying with open eyes that the evil that harbors the hill will have no reason to come outside.  This is but a small thing until the appointed time, it will allow our prayers to be heard and the temple built in G-d’s perfect time.  

So listen to your Rabbi’s, that teach with patience and love, that we would not be seen like the beasts  lurking as targets praying with spectacle outside. Let those that do the spectacle do it on the Right side.  


My Girl is the Temple Mount within My Mind, the one upon my Shoulders who’s Yoke I plow with Love.

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