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The following list represents the most common types of dreams an interpreter will encounter.  The dream interpretation should be general and basic.  Please take into account the context: a given symbol does not always mean the same thing from dream to dream, and you need to rely on God's Holy Spirit for the interpretation.

Dreams of teeth falling out or loose teeth:  God is communicating a loss or an increasing inability to understand and/or discern something.  Eye teeth are falling out:  Losing the ability to recognize important elements in the person's life.  Wisdom teeth are falling out: Losing Wisdom.

Dreams of Falling:  Some part of the person's life is out of control, or the person is losing control and is growing anxious.

Dreams of being naked in public:  This indicates the person is (or will be) vulnerable and transparent.

Bathroom dreams - Toilet: God is cleansing an area of the dreamer's life, or God is removing (showering off) some things that have negatively affected the person.  Shower: God is doing a thorough work of cleaning off things that might impact the dreamer's future.  Bathroom in public view: Everyone will be aware of the cleaning and purifying process the dreamer is going through.

Dreams of taking a test:  The dreamer is being tested and tried for the purpose of promotion.  Back in school taking a test:  This indicates that something important wasn't learned earlier and is being taught again.

Dreams of being chased:  The enemy is trying to generate and empower fear.  But note the context of the dream.  The person may be running from God.

Dreams of snakes:  The person is being harassed by lies, accusations, and distortions.  If bitten by the snake:  The lie is painful and may have lingering effects.  Python:  The attack is squeezing the life out of the dreamer,  and may give some form of dark revelation.

Dreams of spiders:  Something the person is invoked in is negatively affecting his or her life and spiritual destiny, and they may feel trapped or spiritually poisoned by the venom (spoken words).

Dreams of alligators: Indicates someone with great influence has launched a verbal attack or spread gossip that is hidden and dangerous.

Dreams of someone dying: This reveals that an issue, era, or career is coming to an end.

Dreams of losing your purse/wallet:  God is communicating that the dreamer has lost (or is looking for) his or her purpose, identity, and favor.

Dreams of a deceased relative (frequently a grandmother or grandfather):  Generally refers to generational issues. (Note context.)

Dreams of returning to a past relationship:  The dreamer is falling tint old habits and ways of thinking.

Frequent nightmares:  Common with children, these are caused by the enemy for intimidation, to dull spiritual sensitivity, and to induce fear and rejection of spiritual things, particularly dreams.

Dreams of your house:  These have to do with some issue in the dreamer's life.  Note the time (past or present), type of house, surroundings, and details of any rooms.  These dreams could also represent a church or temple.

Dreams involving vehicles:  These have to do with what the dreamer is doing, created to do, and his or her current purpose in life.

Dreams of Flying:  God is communicating to the person that he or she has an ability to move in the spirit realm and rise above problems.

Dreams about horses:  These animals represent power and authority.  (Note the color which will tell your what kind of power and authority.)

Dreams invoking dogs:  Dogs usually represent friendship, loyalty, companionship, and protection.  (Note context.  Growling might mean a friend who is going to turn on you.)

Dreams about storms:  If the color of the storm is light/bright, it refers to something God is bringing.  If dark or muted, it is speaking about negative or destructive forces from powers of darkness.

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