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Our Trip


We all have come from different paths along our journey to find the narrow gate.  Many years ago we were inspired to write these words down to share for such as a time as this.  For when the evil day shall come and the world as we’ve known it, Mystery Babylon, has been cast down a New Jerusalem shall rise forever more.  Our Trip began in the 60’s as we walked along the narrow path, we found the narrow gate in 1984.  Passing through the narrow gate and onto The Door that has lead us to The Way, The Truth and The Life before the turn of the century when Heaven’s Hackers was born.  It was about the time the twin towers came down that this poem was written.  We continue to make things ready to fight the good fight that is to come with humility, authority and the power of LOVE for all.


We came on the scene with 300 baud machines.

No one could touch us, it was like a dream.

Thus began the essence of the Hacker regime.

Programs were written and boxes were made,

they helped us get going and showed us the way.

With tapes growing longer we needed to store,

when along came a floppy which we soon all adored.

From these humble beginnings our boxes

would sing at 4.77mhz - 640k was King!

The modems got faster, now 2400 baud zing's.

200 was added thus 2600 ruled Supreme.

Knowledge poured upon us

as rates doubled before our eyes,

before we all knew it, 9600 baud surprise!

The Hard disc came next, we had just a few,

we knew in that moment our world was a groove.

The hounds came a barking unto the FrontDoor,

we let`em inside and we fed them some more.

Fido keep barking, now heard round the globe,

we dialed cross country to connect another node.

We opened up the Windows and laughed out loud.

Who wants this hog with the screen of a cloud.

The GUI was ooOOWWee so we tossed it aside,

back to command prompt we all knew with pride.

ARPA was a coming but wasn't ready yet,

soon we started hearing about the Internet.

US Robotics kept things going in stride,

the 14.4 dualee was now the k3wl ride.

With War dialers and boxes we began to peek inside,

this new found world ran with packets on the fly.

The source was now open, information was free.

That's when the battle's began for you and me.

Unix was large and we couldn't quite have it,

so Linux was born and we all began to nab it.

Although 28.8 was twice as fast as before,

the labor was long till our boxes were born.

Look through the Windows at the sheep in the pasture,

they graze as the wolves all howl with great laughter.

With our Pentium III's, now 100mhz machines,

we continued to shepherd  the flock with ease.

The speeds keep doubling as technology soars,

these 56k modems are now vast, loved and adored.

The wires fully loaded, and filled with our passion,

a new ERA was born, digital's now in fashion.

Now at Ghz rates with more ram than ever dreamed,

we go where we want through any server machine.

The sound of the music of our CD's churning,

brings home all the data ... for DVD burning.

It keeps getting faster we want - MUST - have More!

This thirst for Knowledge and downloads to store.

With hearts full of passion we use tools galore

if we don't have them we just program some more.

Our stallions are strong and move like the thunder,

with fury now bridled we squelch those that plunder.

We've conquered the system and we'll conquer some more,

the reasons aren't clear now but soon will be lore.

Big Brother is watching and telling you lies,

they keep trying to pull the wool over your eyes.

So take time to read between these very lines,

then you'll know the reasons and watch for the signs.


The speed is now double, quadruple and more,

it seems there's no limit on the data we store.

Our passion for knowledge, this unquenchable thirst,

drives us seeking answers thru our creative bursts.

So why is our image tattered and torn?

The media's to blame and should be scorned!

They fill your heads with hatred and fear

and tell you things you don't want to hear.

So remember these words the next time we're near,

HEAVEN’s HACKER's are good, intelligent and sincere!

We make The Way straight for those with ears that hear.

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