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The Ark Within the Third Temple


Those that are filled with the anointing spirit oil will receive these words freely given to all this day.  The vessels to be filled are but few, the words shall go out to many and show them all The Way.  Those that come unto the truth will know the words are true, for they have been written upon their hearts, I pray that one of those that has been written upon is YOU!  Those that come forth will know the trueness of these words, for they are given unto the masses to make known the mysteries of the kingdom that are awaiting to be found within You.

So hear these words my friends.  Look deep into your heart to hear the testimony of Him.  The one who came, giving all that He had and gave it freely to those that yearn to have ears that hear, eyes that see and a loving heart that perceives these deep things.  

For a time, times and a half times mean that the days coming forth are but few.  Be watchful as many go forth to and fro, over a half million souls fly across the sea everyday.  There has been no former time such as this for this is the time spoken of by the Prophet Daniel and the Apostle John.

Be bold as a lion and know that God, Yehovah, command's His Angels of heaven to protect you from harm.  So be not fearful, for all these things must come to pass before the GREAT and terrible Day of the Lord.  Rejoice in the trumpeting of this message! Rejoice that the Eternal Father, Yehovah, has sent His Son of Glory to reign in the hearts of men.  Yea, those who walk in humility with great power doing His work, spreading love with sharp words that many men won’t want to hear.  

As we stand in the desert, longing to go in, we look upon the heavens and wonder, When will the Messiah return in the clouds with those that follow Him?  I reveal to YOU a mystery.  Those that receive revelation with ears that hear have rain upon their faces.  Yehovah takes the wetness of their minds back up to His throne upon the third heaven.  They hear and now see the breath of life within. There hearts filled with the blood, Yeshua now pulses within them.  

Do You have eyes that see now, my friends?

We see our reflection upon Yehovah's throne, from the crystal that is round about for it shines with brightness back as the firmament above.  It reveals The Way and the Key to everlasting that opens up The Door.  Yehovah grants us the passage back as clouds full of rain as the vials begin to be poured. Knowing that the Kingdom is inside, we become bond servants to Him.  The Messiah is Coming Forth in the Clouds with the Latter Rains upon men.

We come from the Exodus, from the wilderness of sin. We pass through the first veil and enter the Outer Court that waits within.  As we enter into the place that is hiding the tabernacle of the mind, we know we must lay ourselves upon the altar of sacrifice. A burnt offering unto Him that has chosen us, for it is time.  

We must willingly go up to the altar, receiving the fire each day.  Presenting ourselves to Him blazing, as a refiners fire purifies the gold and makes ready those things molded with clay. All our flesh is to be burned this way. Which, in truth, is carnal thinking that binds men.  In order to become perfected we must put ourselves upon the altar without tears. Each and every morning, forgiving others in a manner that allows Yeshua, Jesus, to be within each and everyday.

As we stand in the outer court of the Temple, having done all to stand, now established in the daily sacrifice, our flesh burnt away for Him.  Now the radiance of gold, silver and precious stones shines like the firmament, like the stars in the heavens dear friends! 

Taking steps from the altar, moving unto the brazen laver.  We look upon the waters of revelation, see the brilliance cast upon our mind and now seeing the shadow pictures. The Glory of The Lord that sent us at His appointed time has done so to make known these mysteries for now is the appointed time.  In reverence we wash in the laver, that we may look upon our glorified bodies and see.  A humble man seeking entry to the Holy Place for all time, a bondservant of Him who sent me. 

We look back upon the laver, ensuring all filthiness has been purged within, seeking humility and becoming a true bond servant for Him.  Those that are humble receive His mighty power, the One who sends us is our fortress, Our Power & the Might among Men. It is His gift given freely for those seeking to enter in.  As we wash in the water of revelation, we are purified by the moltan sea, the humble, hardening nature of His work - done by the fire, tempers us as the edge of the sharpest two edged sword that has ever been seen.

We pass through the next veil and into the inner court of the temple, the Holy Place where we see the work being performed by those who have found the Temple.  Turning towards what is Right we see the table of showbread before me. It is given to feed those that have an emerging light, all those that have eyes that see.  

Upon the table are seen twelve loaves of showbread, baked again at the dawn.  They’re placed there as morsels of light upon the souls of men that hunger for them forevermore.  They are placed upon the table like a double portion of manna, collected before the Sabbath, eaten in reverence, abiding in Him. Remembering what was done for forty years in the wilderness of sin.  Each stack has a meaning, becoming clearer to those that stand before the golden table wanting to now know more.  One stack represents Him who sent us to the Temple and the other the one who finds the morning Manna hidden inside. 

The showbread is stacked double in six loaves high. The first, a shadow picture of Yesuha, Yea - the one that waited for 6,000 years for You to come inside. The second stack of showbread, stacked six loaves high, represents the unseen spirit of a man that the world, with evil, tries to hide.  And when the two are joined and become as the twelve, the Apostles are seen. They will become the fathers of the faith that birth a new nation, faithful disciples of Torah, the power of the Word as given in the sixty six books of Holy Scriptures known as the Bible among men. 

Have Your Eyes been Opened?  Does Your Heart now see?   

Let us eat of His body, be Anointed with the oil so that the finish work can be done, for oh there’s so much more and the best is yet to come.  With the morning manna now in us we look toward Heaven once more, we give thanks to Yehovah our Father entering into covenant with Him once more.  For now the lamp is seen burning, its been behind us all along.  Let us travel in the ancient paths, The Way, of long ago.  Let our turning an about face, turn many to righteousness to know Him.  Let them set another stone, building the Temple that resides within.

This turn unto what is just and right has been done with the fullness of the bread of life.  So, as we turn back unto The Way we have gone, we see clearly that the last is what made our faith shown. Now understanding the light of the menorah, from Revelation, our eyes can Fully See. 

The root at its base, drawing and giving the blood of life.  The Vine has grown into the spine and stands strong like a tree by the living waters.  Its branches reach out unto the heavens and rejoice in the light for they are nourished by the root and the vine of the Tree of Life.  The radiance set atop each branch burned with the blood and oil of the spirit which washes over them that call upon the Name of Yehovah.  

Their wicks were twisted, from the High Priest traditions of men, but now drawn and cut from those that have seen Yeshua’s truth, He is the Messiah Dear Friend!  These radiant garments draw the life giving blood, anointed oil of the spirit, giving utterance to the flame which is the Fire of Yehovah.  

The flames of His Altar, like those atop the Menorah as Light, speak like cloven tongues upon the seven faithful assemblies, set forth since the Helper has come in resurrection light.  These seven, the vinedresser has pruned, making them ready to go forth harvesting on the Sabbath after a new moon.  Taste the sweetness of the vine for it comes only by the bearing of much fruit.  May the oil in your lamp burn brightly upon the mountain, which sits atop of the Temple, the Tabernacle of the Mind within you!  

With more turning toward righteousness, the Glory Knowledge of Him, we come upon the altar of incense, hearing ascending prayers up to Him.  This altar stands before the last veil of the perfected Ark within.  The Light of the Ark's Covenant shines through the veil, heavy frankincense and upon men.  

We’ve been brought before the tabernacle, unto the hidden place of our Temple dear friend.  Let us draw in the sweetness of the frankincense adding Myrrh in remembrance of Him.   We delight in the Glory of Him that brought us in.  Let our prayers be in Holy Ruach power, revealed mysteries, words of angels, as the smoke from the incense ascends unto Heaven for His Glory is being given unto men.  

May we be found worthy to enter through the last veil.  The Mystery of the Gentiles is fulfilled through Yeshua - Christ in Us,  the Hope of Glory is heard by all men.  Purge our hearts O Lord of Hosts that all iniquity,  transgression, resentment and sin will be made known to us that we may gain your mercy, loving favor and loving forgiveness for us and for them.  We are the Overcomer’s, the ones who enter in.  

Grant us worthy as Your Greatest Creation, a humbled man, a son who returned home again.   May we endeavor to move toward perfection, blameless before your eyes, as we Hear, Feeling your breath upon us as in our days before birthing when you ordained us as the 144,000 with overflowing light.  Oh Mighty one of Heaven, Eternal Master and Creator of All - Yehovah, bring us through the last veil unto perfection let the transfiguration be completed once more.

WIth Great Praise, Glory, Mercy and Blinding Light do we enter in through the Veil.  Seeing Lightning,  hearing Booming Thunder, we stand transfigured before the Ark as men.  WIth the wings of the Cherubim shielding our eyes, we look upon the Mercy Seat, that gives radiance of the glory, honor and power of Him who sits On High.  We are but humble men standing before the Throne, Yehovah now seen sitting upon the Mercy Seat, the Ark of the Covenant radiating the Glory Light of Everlasting from deep within our mortal minds.  

The Light is magnificent, the feeling of peace, that knowing of Him who now radiates our minds and draws us unto the feast.  All has been forgiven.  He grants us Apostolic Gifts with all His favor.  To rid this world of the evil that deceives those that are bound within.  Oh Mighty Father,  grant us a double portion of these spiritual gifts, that we may go forth conquering and to conquer as Your righteous will permits.  

Let us bind the world of its sin, sickness, poverty, sorrow, senility, ugliness for all time.  Let our binding of these and those that put them forth, be made secure.  Let them await for your Judgement, then casting them into the lake of fire as in Your written word.  Allow your mighty power to flow through the humble ones that bow low.  Lead us to conquer old age weakness, putting death in its place, so that these works of darkness can never be seen upon the world!  Yea - Gone Forevermore!

Almighty Father Yehovah, with diligence & humble regard, we request that your Cherubim perform your pleasure, removing the Mercy Seat from upon the Ark within our mind.  Let them open the Gate to the Garden, the Garden of Eden for all time.  Let that which your glorious light has hovered over, awaiting our fullness to come, the blessed joining with Yeshua, the who takes away sin.  

Let Your light shine upon Us as in the early days of Adam.  Yea, upon the Garden of Eden, to rule and reign as Kings & Priests in the New Jerusalem.  Let us eat from the pot of Manna hidden for such as a time as this. May the Torah, the Prophetic truth of the law, be written upon all the hearts of men. All those whom you have chosen, in the days before our coming forth.  Let us come forth holding the Rod of Aaron, given from within the Ark, let it be as a symbol of favor in the millennial kingdom of the Mighty Yehovah.

Oh Father, Thank You for granting us these words to share with the brethren.  May they be found worthy to strengthen them along The Way.   May they open up their eyes to the Mysteries of Heaven, Yeshua HaMashiach, our Messiah, ruling along side the Kedoshim, our High Priest in the Order of Melchizedek as in those days of Salem when he communed with Abram.  

Seeing the narrow gate that leads to the Holy of Holies, that special place of the Tabernacle within, that place where the living waters reside.  Let the manifestation upon the world be realized, those that were first that have waited until the last, the last that have come to bring forth the first, let us be made manifest in radiant Glory by the renewing of our minds, the wonders of the last Ark of the Covenant, now opened allowing those that have paid the price to come rejoicing in His name, Yehovah, to enter in.  

Let those that have been called, like those that have been chosen to come.  Come in, to the marriage feast and be filled with bread, wine, as we raise our cup with Him.  Rejoice Now for the coming seasons of His Feasts, now knowing The Feast of Tabernacles, Sukkot, is when we’ll all be married unto Him.  


1 Corinthians 13:13

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