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Parable 46

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46. The Parable of Two Sons

Matthew 21:28-32

On the 12th Day of the 1st Month, 4028 FC; Monday, April 26, 28 CE, Day 436 of Week 63 Yeshua begins his last day of teaching in the Temple

Matthew 21:28 What do you think about this? A certain man had two sons. He came to the first and said, ‘Son, go work in my vineyard today.’ 29 He answered, ‘I will not, but afterward he repented and went. 30 He came to the second and said likewise, and he answered, ‘I will go, sir,’ and he went not. 31 Which of the two did the will of his father? They said to him, “The first.” Yeshua answered them, “Truth I say to you, tax collectors and whores will enter the kingdom of JeHoVah before you do. 32 Yochanan ben Zecharyah came to you preaching the way of righteousness, and you would not believe him – but violent men and whores believed him! Even after you saw their response, you still refused to repent and believe him. AHM {He who has ears to hear, let him hear in disgrace.}

Excerpt From: Michael John Rood. “The Chronological Gospels.” iBooks. 

The wolves lay asleep outside the garden that received no rain.  The grapes of wrath are now appearing.  Will the grapes be allowed to sour and wither away?  Oh what servants will come and See what is going on with their own eyes?

Those that come wanting, just a taste of the grapes this day, will find the crows calling for the respected labors but they have all gone along some other way.  They laid down in the vineyard, sleep was put upon their minds, when they arose from the dry crusty ground a dream of good things to come had been chiseled on their heart, a new delight did they find.

They began the work to make the dream come true, soon the wolves and crows were driven away by the heavy rains that came during the new moon.  The vineyard began to flourish, giving thanks to the labors with willing hearts that found and now walk along The Way.  Let us rejoice for the new wine is going to now be made.

Close your eyes and look within YOUR Temple.  Can you see the Ark?   It’s God's presence in the Ordinary Man within US?  Know Ruach HaKodesh reveals the Mind of Christ within the Ark, Yea, when our Heart removes the Mercy Seat to see, is when our mind perceives it. 

The Light of YeHoVah shines forth as ox horns on the face of men, soaring on the wings of an eagle, roaring like the lion who brings forth 
The Kingdom upon the Earth.

Can you FEEL the Earth Tremble beneath YOUR feet as YOU Roar like the Lion of the Tribe of Judah bringing forth The Kingdom of Heaven for all to SEE

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