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The 72 Names Of God

The formula Moses used to overcome the laws of nature has been hidden in the Zohar for 2000 years.

This formula is called the 72 Names of God. Not names like Betty, Bill and Barbara, but rather 72 sequences composed of Hebrew letters that have the extraordinary power to overcome the laws of nature in all forms, including human nature.

The 72 Names are each 3-letter sequences that act like an index to specific, spiritual frequencies. By simply looking at the letters, as well as closing your eyes and visualizing them, you can connect with these frequencies.

I can attest to the manifestation of YHWH’s power upon the earth through the wisdom hidden within the Hebrew Alphabet.  One has to have an honest desire to know YHWH, then His character and function will grant you a renewed mind and pure heart.

Heed the Warning Below!

The 72 Names & Character of God

Note:  Hebrew characters are written and read from right to left


Pronunciation: Vav Hey Vav

Purpose: Return to creation (time travel "back to the future")


Pronunciation: Yud Lamed Yud

Purpose: Return to embryonic state - recapture sparks of soul


Pronunciation: Samech Yud Tet

Purpose: Miracle making


Pronunciation: Ayinh Lamed Mem

Purpose: Eliminating negative thoughts


Pronunciation: Mem Hey Shin

Purpose: Healing


Pronunciation: Lamed Lamed Hey

Purpose: Build a vessel to achieve a truthful dream state


Pronunciation: Aleph Kaf Aleph

Purpose: DNA of the Soul (bring order into your life by connecting to your soul)


Pronunciation: Kaf Hey Tav

Purpose: Defuse negative energy and stress from yourself and/or others


Pronunciation: Hey Zayin Yud

Purpose: Angelic influences (accessing angelic network to bring order)


Pronunciation: Aleph Lamed Daled

Purpose: Protection from evil eye and bad dreams and helps rebirthing process


Pronunciation: Lamed Aleph Vav

Purpose: Banishing the remnants of evil and inflated ego


Pronunciation: Hey Hey Ayin

Purpose: Transform hatred through unconditional love (like attracts like!)


Pronunciation: Yud Zayin Lamed

Purpose: Heaven on Earth (personal transformation to achieve inner Messiah)


Pronunciation: Mem Bet Hey

Purpose: Farewell to arms (achieving a peaceful solution to avert conflict)


Pronunciation: Hey Resh Yud

Purpose: Long-range vision (seeing the consequences of impulsive behavior)


Pronunciation: Hey Kuf Mem

Purpose: Dumping depression (removing depression after a personal setback)


Pronunciation: Lamed Aleph Vav

Purpose: Great Escape (removing ego)


Pronunciation: Kaf Lamed Yud

Purpose: Fertility (build your vessel and spiritual DNA of fertility)


Pronunciation: Lamed Vav Vav

Purpose: Remove static (ego) so prayers are answered (dialing God)


Pronunciation: Pey Hey Lamed

Purpose: Strengthen spirituality for victory over addictions


Pronunciation: Nun Lamed Kaf

Purpose: Eradicate Plague (strength to go the extra mile and eliminate sickness)


Pronunciation: Yud Yud Yud

Purpose: Priestly blessing for wellness and removing negativity.


Pronunciation: Mem Lamed Hey

Purpose: Sharing the flame (priestly blessing to share the light force)


Pronunciation: Chet Hey Vav

Purpose: Remove slavery to physical matter and jealousy


Pronunciation: Nun Tav Hey

Purpose: Courage to speak your mind/tell the truth


Pronunciation: Hey Aleph Aleph

Purpose: Order out of chaos (bring order out of chaos through completion)


Pronunciation: Yud Resh Tav

Purpose: Silent partner (become partner with light to create abundance)


Pronunciation: Shin Aleph Hey

Purpose: Soul mate (breaking judgment)


Pronunciation: Resh Yud Yud

Purpose: Cleansing hatred from the heart


Pronunciation: Aleph Vav Mem

Purpose: Building bridges (reducing ego builds a bridge to upper worlds)


Pronunciation: Lamed Kaf Bet

Purpose: Finish what you start (overcome obstacles)


Pronunciation: Vav Shin Resh

Purpose: Memories (breaking cycle of repetitive mistakes)


Pronunciation: Yud Chet Vav

Purpose: Reveal the dark side (removes self-centered nature)


Pronunciation: Lamed Hey Chet

Purpose: Forget thyself (letting go of stubborn ego)


Pronunciation: Kaf Vav Kuf

Purpose: Sexual energy (connect to spirituality ignites sexual energy)


Pronunciation: Mem Nun Daled

Purpose: Fearless (conquer your fears/ incapacitate panic attack)


Pronunciation: Aleph Nun Yud

Purpose: Grasping the big picture behind our obstacles


Pronunciation: Chet Ayin Mem

Purpose: Circuitry of receiving for sake of sharing


Pronunciation: Resh Hey Ayin

Purpose: Diamond in the rough (transform life's hardships into blessings)


Pronunciation: Yud Yud Zayin

Purpose: Speaking right (the power of correct words to transform reality)


Pronunciation: Hey Hey Hey

Purpose: Self-esteem (priestly blessing for wellness and spirituality wholeness)


Pronunciation: Mem Yud Kaf

Purpose: Revealing the concealed (connecting to spiritual secrets)


Pronunciation: Vav Vav Lamed

Purpose: Defying gravity (elevation of spiritual over physical controls destiny)


Pronunciation: Yud Lamed Hey

Purpose: Remove and sweeten judgments


Pronunciation: Samech Aleph Lamed

Purpose: The Power of Prosperity (control ego to summon the forces of prosperity)


Pronunciation: Ayin Resh Yud

Purpose: Absolute certainty in the light-force of God


Pronunciation: Ayin Shin Lamed

Purpose: Global transformation begins in your own heart


Pronunciation: Mem Yud Hey

Purpose: Unity through sensitivity and tolerance


Pronunciation: Vav Hey Vav

Purpose: Happiness (ask what your soul needs not what your ego wants)


Pronunciation: Daled Nun Yud

Purpose: Enough is never enough (break judgments to awaken spiritual growth)


Pronunciation: Hey Chet Shin

Purpose: No guilt (power of repentance to repair past sins)


Pronunciation: Ayin Mem Mem

Purpose: Passion (correct consciousness in prayer)


Pronunciation: Nun Nun Aleph

Purpose: No agenda (power of Archangel Michael and loving kindness)


Pronunciation: Nun Yud Tav

Purpose: Immortality to cancel death (the death of death)


Pronunciation: Mem Bet Hey

Purpose: Thought into action (commitment to achieve goals)


Pronunciation: Pey Vav Yud

Purpose: Eliminate "idol worship" of anger, ego, money


Pronunciation: Nun Mem Mem

Purpose: Listening to your soul (remove limitations to cross your personal Red Sea)


Pronunciation: Yud Yud Lamed

Purpose: Letting go (drawing down the light to do battle for me)


Pronunciation: Hey Resh Chet

Purpose: Divine umbilical cord to remove spiritual darkness


Pronunciation: Mem Zadik Resh

Purpose: Freedom (delivery from emotional bondage/negative patterns)


Pronunciation: Vav Mem Bet

Purpose: Water (physical and spiritual healing through the energy of water)


Pronunciation: Yud Hey Hey

Purpose: Parent-teacher, not preacher (live your truth by example, be teacher not preacher)


Pronunciation: Ayin Nun Vav

Purpose: Create appreciation, humility, and gratitude


Pronunciation: Mem Chet Yud

Purpose: Casting yourself in a favorable light (project positive aspects of yourself to others)


Pronunciation: Daled Mem Bet

Purpose: Fear of god (knowing consequence of bad behavior)


Pronunciation: Mem Nun Kuf

Purpose: Accountability (eliminate self-pity, victim's mentality, and revenge)


Pronunciation: Aleph Yud Ayin

Purpose: Great expectations (overcome disappointment from expectations)


Pronunciation: Chet Bet Vav

Purpose: Contacting departed souls (making contact to help elevate a departed soul)


Pronunciation: Resh Aleph Hey

Purpose: Lost and found (wisdom to find - and not lose sight of - direction)


Pronunciation: Yud Bet Mem

Purpose: Recognizing design beneath disorder (remove blockages for financial success)


Pronunciation: Hey Yud Yud

Purpose: Prophecy and parallel universes (prophecy and intuition to transform consciousness)


Pronunciation: Mem Vav Mem

Purpose: Spiritual cleansing (improves negotiations)

A crumb from the Father’s Table


Split Your Red Sea 

Perhaps the most remarkable aspect of the Zohar is its long-hidden connection to the Bible. 

Kabbalists teach that the Bible is a complete code. That’s right. It’s a cryptogram. When this biblical code is cracked, something miraculous happens: powerful spiritual forces are released into our souls and discharged into the world at large. It’s like turning on the light in a dark room. These forces empower us to completely change our lives and transform our world. 

A prime example of a highly charged, encoded story in the Bible is the account of Moses and the Israelites parting the Red Sea, which is revealed in Beshalach, this week’s Zohar portion.

Let’s go back in time, some 3,400 years ago. Here’s the situation: Six hundred thousand Israelites are stranded on the banks of the Red Sea. Pharaoh and his ferocious Egyptian army are in hot pursuit of the Israelites, hell-bent on killing those who resist and returning the rest to slavery. The Israelites are cornered. There’s nowhere to go. They either drown in the sea or face Pharaoh’s chariots. It’s not much in the way of options. 

They need a miracle. Fast. So they cry out to God the Almighty, the all-merciful Master of the Universe, the Creator of the cosmos. They beg for help. And what does the Creator say in response to their cries?

 “Why are you calling out to me?” 

Not exactly the kind of response one might expect from an infinitely compassionate Creator. But this is, in effect, what the Bible, the Torah, the Old Testament says was God’s response. And if that’s not enough, the next response from God is even more baffling. 

“Go jump in the water!” the Creator tells these poor suffering souls. 

How does a rational person make any sense of this? Enter this week’s Zohar portion. According to Beshalach, a tremendously powerful technology is encoded and concealed inside the biblical story of the Red Sea. (You’ll find it in Exodus, Chapter 14.) Three verses tell this story—19, 20 and 21—and each verse contains 72 letters. When put together, they create the 72 Names of God

The 72 Names of God are not “names” in any ordinary sense. They are a metaphysical formula for connecting to the infinite spiritual current that flows throughout reality. God gave this cutting-edge technology to Moses to be shared with all people, so that humans could unleash their own God-like powers and attain control over the physical world. And the power that drives these letters is revealed again in the energy of this week. 

When God asked the desperate Israelites, “Why are you calling out to me?” it was merely code. God was actually telling the people that they themselves had the power to escape from their perilous predicament on their own. They did not need God’s assistance. In fact, the Zohar teaches that God never answers prayers. It is people who answer their own prayers by knowing how to connect to and utilize the divine energy of the Creator and the God-like force in their own souls. 

The miraculous power to get out of any life-or-death situation—then or now—can be found by reading Beshalach, just passing your eyes over its Aramaic letters, you can connect to a higher power that will help you split any “red sea” you may be facing in your life. 

But first, continue reading. 

Remember God told the Israelites to jump into the sea? It was also a code revealing the actual technique for activating the power of the 72 Names and the Zohar. It works like this; if you are somewhat familiar with the Red Sea story (or even the Hollywood version) you are aware of the outcome: just before the Egyptian army reached the Israelites, the Red Sea parted and the Israelites raced off to freedom. What a miracle! But Kabbalah reveals that it wasn’t God who parted the sea. It was Moses. And he used the power of the 72 Names of God to engineer this amazing feat. 

What’s more, before the waters rose to the sky, a physical action was required to activate the power of the 72 Names. This is the secret meaning behind God’s response of, “Go jump in the water.” The Israelites were required to demonstrate total certainty in their God-like powers, and in the 72 Names, by physically walking into the sea with complete conviction in a positive outcome. 

Naturally, when they first stood by the banks of the sea, watching Pharaoh fast approaching, they were gripped by fear and doubt. But then Moses reminded them of the 72 Names. They began meditating upon them, employing all their mental powers to arouse breathtaking spiritual forces. 

But you know what? Not a single water molecule moved until the Israelites conquered their doubts and waded into the sea with total certainty. Not one drop shifted until they were neck-deep in the sea. Then, when the waters reached their nostrils, and they still maintained complete certainty—swoosh—the waters parted, giving them passage to freedom. 

To take control of our lives, to engineer miracles where and when we most need them, we have to have certainty in our own God-like power. We have to know deep down that we can make anything happen. And we have to act with that knowing. When we combine this consciousness with the divine tools of this week’s Zohar portion and the powerful formula it contains, nothing can get in our way this week.

One must walk in love, humility, and a giving inner spirit for others in order to possess this kind of mighty power. Yeshua, had this kind of power.  Let us put on the mind of Christ and walk in love & humility being perceived to be weak but in reality walk in the infinite power of God.  The revelation of mysteries like these are hidden from evil, carnal, & ungodly men. For if these things were not hidden from those men they could and would destroy the entire earth and everything in it.  Keep the Sabbath Day Holy and review the Power of God in your life for the seventh day which is for 1000 years.


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